PowerHA fix information

For PowerHA 7.1.1 Service Pack 8

This Service Pack includes the following PTFs with associated APARs for PowerHA 7.1.1 and is now available for download as of February, 2015.

New APARs included in this service pack
IV62535ibm.hacmprgrmd core dumps with one app monitor to multiple app c
IV65537smcaactrl is blocking deadman mode setting in caa
IV66097long takeover time when some nodes in a cluster are down
IV66105smit menu for repos disk needs to check for uuid instead pvid
IV66992ha start from inittab fails when portmap daemon is inactive
IV68080unable to rmdev shared disk after stopping powerha
IV68199ha oracle sa confusing message for service ip already exists
IV68599cat error displayed during cluster synchronization
IV68601ha websphere import smart assist config script bad error msg
IV68602dlpar release uses invalid ratio
IV68603improper error messages in monitor log file.
IV68604incorrect path to 'dspmqver' command
IV68605ha cl_community_name returns public for my-private-community
IV68606discovery of lotus domino server version 9 fails.
IV68607lazy update does not update local lvm odm info.
IV68608various failures caused by incorrect path
IV68609sap assist sw requirements are too vague
IV68610clrmnode will coredump when removing more than 32 nets
IV68611clvaryonvg fails to activate missing/removed disks
IV68612rg error when adding application server dynamically
IV68613dsh perl hang in fifo
IV68615cspoc remove a volume group failure
IV68616node halted when commpath changed via dare
IV68617verification error: parent directory is already in export list
IV68618clmgr failure to redirect powerha log files
IV68619clmgr query interface may show state=down for service labels
IV68620clrginfo truncates long node name
IV68621restore_routes may leave routes on loopback
IV68622application monitors inactive with migration to 7.1.2
IV68623filecollection using a dir may propagate files abnormally
IV68624false stable-storage message during vg auto import
IV68625cli_mkvg fails if a major number is specified
IV68626cleanup of resources in mq sa addition failure is improper.
IV68627error in test tool with interface label longer than 16 chars
IV68628ha clstrmgr coredump if alternate logfile directory not mounted
IV68629powerha process_resources may fail due to reuse of a work file
IV68630null notification method generates spurious clver warning
IV68631fencing interferes with volume group import
IV68632clmgr may not display nfsv4 exported directories
IV68633cannot change a resource group with nfs assistant
IV68634cannot change cleanup and restart method fields to empty value
IV68635cl_pvo may not varyon all vgs
IV68636the clevmgrdevents log file has 666 permissions
IV68637rpvstat dumps core
IV68638"vg doesn't exist" error when using nfs assistant
IV68639rg released after local netw down followed by global netw down
IV68640harmless 'parameter not set' in hacmp.out
IV68641timestamp update slow with huge numbers of luns
IV68642clusterirror node removal might not fully update the caa
IV68643discovery of tsm admin fails if multiple installations exists.
IV68644failed fork() of an application monitor will halt node.
IV68645io with b_option flag type rpv overlap starve for syncvg writes
IV68646dlpar cod cpu not released after acquire has failed
IV68647improve snap -e data collection
IV68656improper message about xml file shown during automatic config
IV69654cannot remove multiple nodes from the cluster concurrently
IV69838mount/umount fails with message: mount point not found

Cumulative APARs from previous service packs included in this service pack
IV36369repository down event logged continuously
IV42772powerha 7.1: ha sync may need long time with dns
IV52861ha clpasswd does not set the admchg flag for reset passwords
IV53220ha clrginfo -m shows online app on remote node as offline
IV53610cl_route_change fails with multipath route
IV54274process monitor will permit more processes than instance count
IV54824powerha: memory leak in clevmgrdes
IV56940change cluster.log to avoid refresh of syslogd
IV60078powerha: cluster verification may leave mping processes running.
IV61773ha smit cluster security screens shown but not active
IV61774lslpp -lor gives wrong return code
IV61775dlpar "not found" error during cod cpu processing
IV61776ha rg_move does not occur when unrelated app server goes down
IV61777dlpar cod cpu activated for hard coded 30 days
IV61778correct ver_mping code to read better mping command output
IV61779tsm client smart assist will not list proper fs for backup
IV61780cldare fails with multicast communication error.
IV61781websphere mq rg in error state as start/stop scripts fail.
IV61782addition of mq server using manual option fails
IV61783snapshot method labels are not saved in the ".info" file
IV61784if adding mq sa fails, cleanup is not done properly.
IV61785clconfig and cldare don't use customized clevents log directory
IV61786clmgr allows 'cluster name' change on configured cluster
IV61787cluster verification shows "warning" on clhosts.client
IV61788discovery of tsm admin center v6.3.4 fails.
IV61789dlpar incorrectly tries to use cod cpu even when disabled
IV61790timeout attribute not working with clmgr stop
IV61791powerha: clver can core dump when ipv6 addresses configured
IV61792express sync ios can starve in a async glvm configuration
IV61793powerha: clcycle of clinfo.log fails
IV61794lvm may mark asynchronous pv as missing due to io timeout
IV61795powerha: clmodnetwork core dumps on network name length
IV61796ha: unexpected rg_move by errnotify with lvm_io_fail
IV61797doc: no information on 'critical volume group' functionality
IV61798clmgr fails when monitor method script has arguments
IV61799powerha 'lazy update' not working for jfs2 with 'inline' log
IV61800ha smit cluster heartbeat settings wrong ranges in help text
IV61801actriveaddrnode mib var incorrect for dynamically added boot ips
IV61802timestamp out of sync issue still happens even iv41182 applied
IV61803clver does not detect when svc ip is defined as alias in aix odm
IV61804nfsd may not be restarted by cl_export_fs due to bad timing
IV61805cluster verification hangs in 1 cpu node
IV61806application monitor methods do not allow arguments / space
IV61807clmgr cannot modify same-node/site resource group dependencies
IV61808clver does not detect netmask mismatch between aix and ha odm
IV61809incorrect build information from "clmgr query version"
IV61810"clmgr add vg" will emit an error if a notify method is given
IV61811adding a new node to an existing cluster and site may fail.
IV61812powerha: clstrmgr may core on startup of first node
IV61813clstrmgr exits if hacmp.out greater than 2gb
IV61814mq assist: 'user "mqm,user1" does not exist' error message
IV61815powerha: cldare fails fqdn caa nodenames vs. short ha communicat
IV61816cl_pvo fails to detect if ecm vg is online in non conc mode
IV61817cl_pvo fails to activate missing/removed disks
IV61818clver may core dump verifying db2 instance
IV61819ha clcomd still communicates to wrong node sometimes
IV61820ffdc_collection environment variable has no effect in clstart
IV61821syncvg parallel with async io can cause io timeout
IV61822powerha: "clmgr delete volume_group" does not remove disk fence
IV61823change fallover policy from fudnp doesn't clean up all dnp info
IV61824clcycle uses hard coded path for cluster.log
IV61825ha:smartassist for itds-monitor_ids script not working properly
IV61826ha: shutdown -f may reboot instead of halt
IV61827error messages can be emitted by ver_mping.
IV61828non-english locales can cause clmgr query commands to hang
IV61829ha: cspoc log redirect still refers to /var/hacmp/clcomd at powe
IV61830io with b_option flag type rpv overlap starve for syncvg writes
IV61831typo in error message about 'online at different node' rg dep
IV61875glvm ras enhancements
IV61876messages to be corrected for webspheremq smart assist
IV62014systemmirror for aix does not allow caa services management
IV62027manual discovery of mq server sa fails to add service ip
IV62028none - 885659 has not shipped
IV62030xml file path name is wrong when adding mq using manual
IV62200verification 'out of memory' error with large nfs exports file
IV63823cl_pvo fails to handle lack of quorum
IV63862powerha smcaactrl does not allow rmcluster/clctrl stop
IV22035powerha smcaactrl does not allow caa ifix doing clctrl stop
IV27143snap -e doesn't collect the clmkcaa.log file
IV30453'cluster heartbeat settings' smit menu failure
IV30818resource group options missing from smit
IV31406powerha 7.1.1 leaves rhosts in the configuration_files.
IV31410no documentation for "cluster heartbeat settings" menu
IV32393dlpar may acquire from cod less vp than necessary
IV33166ha verify and sync causes suspended monitors to resume
IV36432duplicate static routes after reboot of ha node
IV37585stop of powerha 711 changes resource group unmanaged state.
IV37684invalid errors detected by cl_print_server_powerpc_monitor.
IV38254swap_adapter doesn't set service ip as source ip address
IV39743ha crash - topsvcs/grpsvcs started during 710 to 711 migration
IV39759cannot change a maxdb takeover node after configuration.
IV39821clfileprop tries to copy files to local node
IV40477cannot change "notify_method" to empty value
IV42919restarting cluster services can get timestamps out of sync
IV44210collocation with persistent label does not work properly.
IV44527other syslog logfiles may not rotate due to clcycle
IV44617clsnap uses /tmp even when -d destinationdirectory is set.
IV44682clcycle may yield "invalid wide character" in ja_jp locale.
IV45195clsnap may collect wrong files when log dir is not default
IV46499ha smit cluster heartbeat settings wrong ranges and names
IV47432change password utility fails to exit correctly
IV48104ha after halt/takeover, clstat shows serviceip up on halted node
IV48456add option to disable default service ip firstalias
IV50437remove rsct crypto requirement from clmgr security command
IV52217create rg failed through sap smart assist
IV52436acquiring dlpar resources fails to create the correct online rgs
IV52444users may see "cl_vg_fence_term: not found"
IV52460powerha nfsv4 crossmounts failing with vmount error
IV52461failure to update rg dependencies causes odm delete
IV52462clissuepage does not provide object name for all events
IV52463powerha scripts invoking mkcluster fail to display caa err mesgs
IV52464clstat returns state down when clinfo gets timeout on select
IV52465clchgsite coredumps causing verify and sync to fail
IV52466application i/o may hang during glvm asynchronous mirroring.
IV52467verification error: parent directory is already in export list
IV52468ha clstrmgr coredump on all nodes after start cluster services
IV52469verify and sync fails when nodename differ from hostname
IV52470cleanup/removal of "sync_stale_parts" input from clmgr
IV52471boot ip removed by swap_adapter event after wpar failure
IV52472snap -e shows 5859394 kbytes needed for not enough space cases
IV52473clver is unable to handle wildcards in filenames of a filecoll
IV52474clinfo.rc contains incorrect comment.
IV52475smit cspoc extendvg fails by selecting twice disk with same pvid
IV52476cli_importvg errors when vg is not already imported
IV52477rc.cluster may fail on boot as cthags is not active
IV52478dare switches appl state from 'online monitored' to 'offline'
IV52479clinfoes does not stop when clstop is issued in 7.1 sp4 and up
IV52480vg varied on at both nodes after lv label changed
IV52481powerha start fails: clstrmgr loops forever in initadaptloop
IV52482snapshot restore passing incorrect file name
IV52483file collections may cause a slight performance degradation
IV52484db2 smart assist discovery fails when lang=c is not set
IV52485many error messages displayed when restoring a snapshot in smit
IV52486powerha 711 application monitor improvements.
IV52487ha start cluster services hangs in st_barrier
IV52488back up repository shows up in disk pick list
IV52489dlpar "not found" error during rg acquire
IV52490clver may core dump processing dlpar configurations
IV52491can see directory does not exist errors on snapshot apply
IV52492dlpar syntax errors when hmc is unreachable
IV52493one monitor failure triggers all notify scripts on secondary nod
IV52494scdiskutil showed fscsi's dynamic tracking = 536887768
IV52495fs mount failure causes unrelated rg to go in error state
IV52496cannot select pci hot plug interface in powerha menu
IV52497clmgr fails to create a private network
IV52498ha ver_mping mping test fails for stretched cluster with routers
IV52499cspoc create filesystem shows misleading rc=1 in cspoc.log
IV52500mping verification ignores custom mcast ip at first sync
IV52501chmp command crash system with more than 15 rpvclient disks
IV52502asyncrhonous cache recovery failure due to stale pvid table
IV52503nfsv4 monitor log file shows 'cllres: not found' error
IV52504filesystem may not be unmounted by cl_deactivate_fs
IV52505restarting cluster services can get timestamps out of sync
IV52506cli_importvg errors when vg is not already imported
IV52507cl_rmvg is not able to handle 0516-1972 varyonvg error
IV52508ha clvaryonvg calls clean_up ; should be cleanup_vg
IV52509snap -e (clsnap) gathers caa data twice
IV52510non-functional changes
IV52511async glvm cache failure while lot of parallel ios
IV52512'parameter not set' in hacmp.out during wlm processing
IV52513async glvm cache replication hangs
IV52514ha smit sldp_collocation_and_first gives error message
IV52515clmgr can't set null appmonitor cleanupmethod and restartmethod
IV52516gmvgs (glvm) not listed for customize resource recovery
IV52517cspoc create new vg and rg shows 'putlvodm' error message
IV52518clstrmgres hangs in st_cbarrier when rcovdriver dies
IV52519clrginfo -a fails with message: cluster ipc error
IV52520missing smit panel to increase group services log file length
IV52521clmgr add volume_group fails to detect mkvg errors
IV52522rc.cluster does not use manual/auto argument from cmd line
IV52523ha cl_activate_fs calls mount with no filesystem specified
IV52524ha clstrmgr coredump during the final phase of rolling migration
IV52525dare limitation of changing a network from public to private
IV52526cspoc create new vg and rg shows 'putlvodm' error message
IV52527sa from mq will not work. fail in verification.
IV52528clmgr start cluster with automatic correct errors failure
IV52529nfsv4 application server failed by not active rpc.lockd
IV52910rg move can disable firstalias unintentionally
IV54138clmgr sync command fails to create and verify a cluster
IV18338release notes are incorrect on caa network failure detection
IV27593mping verification ignores caa cluster ip
IV30074ha rgmove of rg with multiple service ips causes network_down
IV30420smit cannot remove multiple files from file collection
IV30642powerha configure "critical volume groups actions" will fail
IV31964resource acquire error during dare but rg left in online state
IV31998powerha dlpar failure at power7 lpars
IV33942clpasswdremote core dumps due to memory fault
IV34241powerha node start fails after forced down
IV34343verification and synchronization" synchronize only option fails.
IV34438lost svc, rg does not falover to remote site
IV35508nfs configuration assistant
IV35509remove powerha systemmirror cluster security smit menus
IV35510powerha 7.1 may set manage resource groups to manually.
IV35758conc migratepv results in a remote node failures
IV36512cluster services do not start automatically on boot
IV38264rg left offline at fallover after monitor and node failure
IV38266powerha cspoc mkvg operation generates sfw "no such device"
IV38267director is not notified of volume group creation/changes.
IV38268error message could contain garbled application server
IV38269use xuser for maxdb smart assist.
IV38270clrginfo -m flag not documented
IV38271mkcluster cmd fails for third party disks.
IV38272cspoc list fs displays sed errors, cannot handle fs corruption
IV38273clmgr can create incompatible fallback conditions
IV38275no available space data is provided for non-local disks.
IV38276auto cluster config monitoring smit error in japanese locale
IV38277concurrent vg varied on non-concurrently if disks missing
IV38278no disks shown in mirror pool
IV38279diskhb configuration not possible due to discovery problems
IV38281missing sccsid in cl_vg_fence_init.c
IV38282clinfo api incorrectly returns an additional cluster with id 0
IV38283cifs_fs crash in smbfs_dir_sync
IV38284clrginfo -m truncates long application server names
IV38285director sometimes displays incorrect volume group name
IV38286clmgr fails adding a volume group due to incorrect chvg syntax
IV38287correctly display owning resource group for filesystem
IV38288clmgr fails to add a vg to an existing non-concurrent rg
IV38289clpasswd leaves 'lastupdate = 0' in /etc/security/passwd
IV38290cluster test tool does not handle disk heart beat networks
IV38291fallback of rg from standby to primary node causes hang
IV38292ha clstrmgr must enable tcp_nodelay for smux socket
IV38293cspoc cli_mkvg does not import on remote node the new vg
IV38294the "clmgr query disk" command does not list disks
IV38295halevel -s may not return correct information about service pack
IV38421clmgr displays "applications" twice for each resource group
IV41925suppress informational message on fencing
IV16121verification should check up nodes.
IV23857user-defined resource script incorrectly put in background
IV25305cldare -m will run the dare event
IV25765halevel -s may not return correct information about service pack
IV25769snapshot migration to ha 7.1 with diskhb generates errors
IV26336last free disk may not be shown in picklist for smit cl_createvg
IV26874ha cl_queryvg error causes fast disk takeover verify error
IV27142fuser may hang in cl_deactivate_fs.sh
IV27643libodm criteria incorrect msg if fcmodtime filename has spaces
IV28104cl_auto_versync fails for caa at cluster startup
IV29954dare fails after changing a network to hb over alias
IV29955remove cluster do not remove ldap entries
IV29956script failure
IV29957powerha discovery fails to discover tty devices
IV29958tsm admin sa fail to discover
IV29959ha smit generating the hdisk picklist for extendvg takes hours
IV29960after failover due to errnotify, rg stays in rg_temp_error_state
IV29961settling timer causes manually managed rgs to be online
IV29962cod cpus not deallocated from lpar when releasing the resources
IV29964clrgmove -p results in continuous while loop
IV29966clver error - the parent directory is already in export list
IV29967mirror pool names longer than 15 characters not rejected
IV29969dlpar cpu not acquired if another 2nd rg is already online
IV29970dare fails with message "0403-053 expression is not complete"
IV29971ha non-disruptive upgrade causes clstrmgr coredump
IV29972missing some application monitor logging
IV29973acquiring cpus via dlpar may fail
IV29974cannot create more than one unnamed volume group with c-spoc
IV29975querying all vgs will not reveal their managing rgs.
IV29976cspoc 'synchronize lvm mirrors' failure
IV29977dlpar may activate via cod more virt. processors than necessary
IV29978not all child rgs are bounced after clstop unmanage
IV29979sync/async glvm does not work when ipv6 in cluster.
IV29980cl_hotstandby_logmonitor script is missing in sa package
IV29983lccluster command failed to get_local_node_label
IV29985unable to synchronize volume group via c-spoc if missing disks
IV29986clstrmgr may core dump after restart from unmanaged
IV29987incorrect error message when modifying a resource group.
IV30014cspoc cli_extendvg fails with mirror pool configured
IV30016c-spoc pick lists should not contain the repository
IV30017scdiskutil incorrectly reports dynamic tracking status
IV30018an invalid value can be shown for start_on_boot.
IV30019Non-functional changes
IV30020rm ldap server leaves instance created
IV30021correct disk pick list generation
IV30023cannot configure a tsm server.
IV30024network-down will not result in correct failover of was sa
IV30025clmgr allows invalid nodes to get created
IV30026ud resources are not saved or restored in snapshot.
IV30027Non-functional changes
IV30028corrupted resource group field from "clmgr query file_system"
IV30029smitty cl_chfs fails to change log device
IV30030ha cannot move rg 27 and 28 to secondary node
IV30031rpv client driver unconfig method
IV32023misleading c-spoc error when jfs log is specified
IV32024Non-functional changes
IV32025manual discovery of ihs using xml file may fail
IV32026user requested rg move does not work as expected
IV32028cli_mklv may fail with more than nine arguments.
IV32029clcomd cannot communicate sometimes
IV32030can't generate cl_event_summaries.txt file
IV32031corrective action associated with wpar cloning fails
IV32032cspoc 'synchronize lvm mirrors' fails with 2 pvs missing/removed
IV32033volume group management occassionally fails
IV32035rpc.lockd running in wpar causes rg error state
IV32036correctly manage volume group state vis a vie fence height
IV32037lccluster failed to start the standby due to xuser var
IV32038the rpc.lockd daemon may not be active after an rg move
IV32428disks missing from pick list
IV33042cannot display change/show sa smit screen.
IV33066change/show livecache application populating wrong value
IV16120xserver start problem
IV16122sap wizard fails to importvg with multiple disks
IV16123addition thorugh sa would fail for hot standby instance
IV16580powerha clfileprop may error by sending data to the local node.
IV16618interface routes lost after release service addr
IV16769powerha may change vg timestamp every time a rg is acquired
IV16922using c-spoc with asm devices can cause data loss
IV17221clpasswdremote doesn't handle usernames with more than 8 chars
IV17352cl_mode3 should delete vg.fail on successful varyon of a vg
IV17441snap -e may incorrectly exclude nodes and gather no data.
IV18343clrginfo -m returns app offline for rgs online at remote node
IV19189maxdb sa will not work with startafter policy.
IV19190lccluster.log must go to /var/hacmp/log
IV19191sa smit screens wont show up properly
IV19192users for sap are switched in the odm.
IV21226nested filesystems mounted in incorrect order at cluster start
IV21414oracle smart assist adds only 1 listener stanza in odm
IV21506cl_sync_vgs shows misleading error message in hacmp.out
IV21821disk fence error in hacmp.out: "vgs_on_line: parameter not set"
IV23348dare in wpar does not make wpar active,
IV23349clstart fails with "invalid character in expression"
IV23350sel failover after qourum loss may fail with quorum enabled
IV23351progress indicators for caa cluster creation
IV23352ha verification configures ipv6 ll address on all interfaces
IV23353verify & sync should fail in case caa cluster creation
IV23355obsolete cspoc fastpaths for filesystems menus still available
IV23356powerha may activate incorrect number of cuod cpus
IV23357cspoc swap ip address menu shows incorrect list of interfaces
IV23358in a wpar enabled rg, unable to start wpar manually after reboot
IV23359cannot import a volume group via c-spoc
IV23361onlinerent rg state does not transition from acquiring to
IV23362lssrc -ls clstrmgres shows incorrect event queue information
IV23363adding service ip label has different distribution preference
IV23364automatic cluster verification removes ipv6 service ip
IV23365smit clstop values are changed after aix shutdown -fr
IV23366add error checking and timestamps around serial app startup
IV23367ibm.hacmprgrmd can't load with symbol resolution failure
IV23368initial powerha sync configures ipv6 ll addrs on all intf of tar
IV23370clvgdats may coredump/error for svg with many pps
IV23371clvaryonvg does not varyon the volume group if bad block in vgda
IV23372nfsv4 application monitor output fills up /var directory
IV23373nfsv4 application monitor fails if /tmp full
IV23374verification reports an error when nfs exporting a subdirectory
IV23375c-spoc create/change filesystem fails due to disk fencing
IV23376ibm.hacmprgrm crash when application server in more than one rg
IV23377duplicate files listed in hacmp_files file collection
IV23378cluster verification modifies ipv6 default route
IV23379c-spoc log and temp files not cleaned up
IV23380problem with data vg import
IV23381vg fails to vary on passive-concurrent after being forced off
IV23382clgetaddr will core dump if nodename is invalid
IV23383mndhb logical volume label with spaces causes error
IV23384powerha "add a disk to the cluster" may generate 1800-018 error.
IV23385clmgr query disk can fail if node is not in fqdn format
IV23386mkcluster fails if repository disk has a previous vg.
IV23387smit panel "can't find what you are looking for ?" option fails
IV23388clmgr cannot accurately retrieve/display ipv6 addresses
IV23389c-spoc extendvg does not pick up mirror pool name
IV23390lccluster fails with syntax error.
IV23391missing network information in director.
IV23392clstrmgr core due to incorrect handling of internal rg nodelist
IV23393cannot create a concurrent volume group with clmgr.
IV23394the output from "clmgr start cluster" contains trace data.
IV23395cannot create a "same node" dependency using clmgr.
IV23396occasional cl_rsh/clcomd communciation errors.
IV23397ha start may not complete starting three or more nodes at a time
IV23398clmgr query fs does not handle the fs not being in an rg
IV23399clmgr query node returns an ip address for the hostname
IV23400creating shared jfs2 filesystem with inline log fails
IV23401ha clvaryonvg hangs in call to imfs if lvs in inconsistent state
IV23402while running cl_syncvg, 0516-938 error occurs
IV23403cspoc swap ip address menu shows incorrect list of interfaces
IV23404cluster event fails with false indication of start script error
IV23405clmgr query host is not working for director
IV23406clstrmgr core dumps in st_init state on first query to res clas
IV23407volume group pick list not generated.
IV23410clstmgr core dump in sendstatetorgrm()
IV23411clinfo socket exhaustion causes dms timeout
IV23412ldap users are not always displayed.
IV23413cannot specify multiple roles when adding a new user.
IV23414persist_if parameter not set
IV23415wrong sdd fileset in process_resources
IV23439when efs enabled with "efsenable -a" and msg in smitty hacmp
IV23440recovering livecache standby instance would take long time
IV23441retry count for master start-up monitor should be zero
IV24715clevmgrdes is not started during node up
IV24716async glvm stops filling cache before i/o timeout occurs
IV24717not all of the version fields in the hacmpnode odm are
IV24719smart assist problem when user oracle has pending mail
IV24720powerha cspoc operations fail to restore disk lock
IV24721ldap config failed
IV24968cluster manager dumps in some cases
IV25274cannot add node to cluster while cluster services are active.
IV16572some cspoc utilities were not updated in powerha 711 sp 1
IV04367cluster verification does not restart after corrective actions.
IV12081smit changes for repository resielency support
IV12083update readme for 711 service packs
IV12353enable admin state support for hot standby sa
IV12354support for multiple vgs to sap hot standby wizard
IV12355rg comes online at end of settling time even on manual start
IV12795clmgr query group omits efs values, as well as projects
IV12796logging of errors when repository disk is lost.
IV12797"clmgr query host" errors when director agent plugins missing
IV12798invalid security mods via clmgr do not always give good error
IV12799"clmgr query host" can return short host name
IV12800incomplete -r value causes problems in "smcli mkuser/mkgroup"
IV12801"smcli lsversion -a" ignores agent time zone
IV12802unable to configure ihs from ibm systems director
IV12803volume group state not cleaned up by mirror pool create
IV12804viewing a non-existent log with trace enabled gives bad error.
IV12805smit panels would fail after updating to 1150a.
IV13145falseto_versync_options -d returns "-b" instead of true or
IV13146verfication fails if a node is offline.
IV13147updates to sap livecache hot standby support
IV13148respository failures are not shown in hacmp.out
IV13955unhelpful error message from smcli startcluster.
IV13956cspoc extendvg cannot add multiple disks in a single invocation
IV13958pkm_kern and syslogd high cpu% after repository disk replaced
IV13960cspoc lv name change doesn't update /etc/filesystems on passive
IV13963cannot add users and admins to a group in director.
IV13967cannot change the password of users registered in ldap.
IV13970arithmetic syntax error in hmc_cmd
IV13973wrong application monitor used at startup if two different types
IV13977gsclvmd not started error message
IV13979missing rbac test
IV13986change/show fs cspoc fails to continue with bad vg
IV13997clverify doesn't check the subnet of service/boot ip address
IV14001clmgr fails when application monitor script has an argument
IV14003powerha 7.1 clver corrective action may fail.
IV14005cluster handle reset on list operation
IV14008caa (chrepos) commands cannot be run from director.
IV14011change allowed sizes for rep disk to match with aix
IV14015invalid disk type determination by wizard and sa changes
IV14017servero detect when director events are not being sent to
IV14019a cluster sync is not required after a repos replacement
IV14021hacmp not logging for in /usr/es/sbin/cluster/.gsclvmd always
IV14484error during repository replacement when a node is down.
IV14485concurrent rg is not listed for scalable concurrent volu
IV14486repository disk size limits for powerha system mirror 711
IV14487readme updates for service pack 1
IV14488update connector scripts of livecache
IV14489need smit menus to update tunables.
IV14490wrong application monitor used at startup if two different type
IV14491clexit.rc unexpected termination of clstrmgres
IV14492user cannot find the root cause to set nfs domain in cas
IV14493support only 16 nodes
IV14953shutdown -r should bring the resource groups gracefully down.
IV14954fixing delata issue from defect 814591
IV14955the umask option cannot be used with "clmgr add user".
IV14956sap live cache wizard additions
IV14957cleanup of smit menus.
IV14958sap maxdb application monitor values increase
IV14959readme updates for 711 sp1
IV15038wrong file permissions for sap maxdb smart assist users
IV15709systemmirror 711 sp1 to prereq aix sp3

Filesets with associated APARs
PTF#FilesetAssociated APARs
U861880cluster.adt.es.client.include7.1.1.2 IV61831
U846681cluster.adt.es.client.include7.1.1.1 IV04367 IV14493
U864343cluster.es.assist.common7.1.1.5 IV68199 IV68609 IV68640
U864337cluster.es.assist.common7.1.1.4 IV62030
U855241cluster.es.assist.common7.1.1.3 IV33042
U850164cluster.es.assist.common7.1.1.2 IV19191 IV21414
U846690cluster.es.assist.common7.1.1.1 IV14487 IV14488
U855258cluster.es.assist.db27.1.1.1 IV52484
U868435cluster.es.assist.domino7.1.1.1 IV68606
U855230cluster.es.assist.filenet7.1.1.2 IV29956
U846684cluster.es.assist.filenet7.1.1.1 IV04367
U855238cluster.es.assist.ihs7.1.1.2 IV32025
U846683cluster.es.assist.ihs7.1.1.1 IV12802
U861873cluster.es.assist.maxdb7.1.1.5 IV39759
U855249cluster.es.assist.maxdb7.1.1.4 IV38269
U850177cluster.es.assist.maxdb7.1.1.3 IV29980 IV29983 IV32037 IV33066
U850157cluster.es.assist.maxdb7.1.1.2 IV16120 IV16122 IV16123 IV19189 IV19190 IV19192 IV23380 IV23390 IV23440 IV23441
U846571cluster.es.assist.maxdb7.1.1.1 IV12353 IV12354 IV12805 IV13147 IV14015 IV14488 IV14956 IV14958
U855269cluster.es.assist.oraappsrv7.1.1.1 IV52469
U855268cluster.es.assist.oracle7.1.1.3 IV52469
U850156cluster.es.assist.oracle7.1.1.2 IV23440 IV24719
U846689cluster.es.assist.oracle7.1.1.1 IV13979
U855266cluster.es.assist.printServer7.1.1.2 IV37684
U846682cluster.es.assist.printServer7.1.1.1 IV04367
U868431cluster.es.assist.sap7.1.1.2 IV68603
U855265cluster.es.assist.sap7.1.1.1 IV52217
U861889cluster.es.assist.tds7.1.1.2 IV61825
U850176cluster.es.assist.tds7.1.1.1 IV29956
U868429cluster.es.assist.tsmadmin7.1.1.4 IV68643
U861888cluster.es.assist.tsmadmin7.1.1.3 IV61788
U850175cluster.es.assist.tsmadmin7.1.1.2 IV29958
U850148cluster.es.assist.tsmadmin7.1.1.1 IV14952 IV14954
U861881cluster.es.assist.tsmclient7.1.1.2 IV61779
U850147cluster.es.assist.tsmclient7.1.1.1 IV14952 IV14954
U850174cluster.es.assist.tsmserver7.1.1.2 IV30023
U850149cluster.es.assist.tsmserver7.1.1.1 IV14952 IV14954
U864340cluster.es.assist.websphere7.1.1.2 IV68601
U850172cluster.es.assist.websphere7.1.1.1 IV30024
U868434cluster.es.assist.wmq7.1.1.3 IV68604 IV68608 IV68626 IV68656
U864332cluster.es.assist.wmq7.1.1.2 IV61781 IV61782 IV61784 IV61814 IV61876 IV62027 IV62030
U861872cluster.es.assist.wmq7.1.1.1 IV52527
U861879cluster.es.cfs.rte7.1.1.1 IV42772
U864338cluster.es.client.clcomd7.1.1.1 IV62014
U864339cluster.es.client.lib7.1.1.8 IV68599 IV68616 IV68618 IV68619
U861878cluster.es.client.lib7.1.1.7 IV61783 IV61785 IV61786 IV61790 IV61798 IV61806 IV61810 IV61811 IV62014
U855255cluster.es.client.lib7.1.1.5 IV30453 IV46499 IV50437 IV52470 IV52497 IV52515 IV52521 IV52528
U855246cluster.es.client.lib7.1.1.4 IV38273 IV38275 IV38285 IV38286 IV38288 IV38294
U850171cluster.es.client.lib7.1.1.3 IV29975 IV30018 IV30025 IV30028
U850154cluster.es.client.lib7.1.1.2 IV23373 IV23385 IV23388 IV23391 IV23393 IV23394 IV23398 IV23399 IV23405 IV23412 IV23413 IV25274
U846679cluster.es.client.lib7.1.1.1 IV04367 IV12795 IV12796 IV12797 IV12798 IV12799 IV12800 IV12801 IV12804 IV13955 IV13963 IV13967 IV14008 IV14017 IV14489 IV14955
U864335cluster.es.client.rte7.1.1.6 IV42772
U861876cluster.es.client.rte7.1.1.5 IV52464 IV52474 IV52477 IV52522
U855245cluster.es.client.rte7.1.1.4 IV36512 IV38282
U855240cluster.es.client.rte7.1.1.3 IV25305 IV32031
U850153cluster.es.client.rte7.1.1.2 IV23358 IV23411 IV24715
U846569cluster.es.client.rte7.1.1.1 IV12355 IV13977 IV14021 IV14487 IV14959
U868437cluster.es.client.utils7.1.1.6 IV68605
U864334cluster.es.client.utils7.1.1.5 IV42772
U861875cluster.es.client.utils7.1.1.4 IV52479
U855239cluster.es.client.utils7.1.1.3 IV32033
U850152cluster.es.client.utils7.1.1.2 IV23365
U850146cluster.es.client.utils7.1.1.1 IV14491
U868436cluster.es.cspoc.cmds7.1.1.8 IV66097 IV66105 IV68615 IV68625 IV68631
U864333cluster.es.cspoc.cmds7.1.1.7 IV42772 IV52861 IV61822 IV62028
U861874cluster.es.cspoc.cmds7.1.1.6 IV42919 IV47432 IV52475 IV52476 IV52488 IV52499 IV52506 IV52507 IV52517
U855254cluster.es.cspoc.cmds7.1.1.5 IV38266 IV38278 IV38285 IV38287 IV38293
U855237cluster.es.cspoc.cmds7.1.1.4 IV29974 IV29976 IV30014 IV30016 IV32023 IV32028 IV32032 IV32033 IV32036
U850167cluster.es.cspoc.cmds7.1.1.3 IV23359 IV23375 IV23383 IV23389 IV23400 IV23402 IV24720
U850151cluster.es.cspoc.cmds7.1.1.2 IV16572
U846687cluster.es.cspoc.cmds7.1.1.1 IV12803 IV13956 IV13960 IV13967 IV13986
U868428cluster.es.cspoc.rte7.1.1.8 IV66097 IV66105 IV68613 IV68631 IV68641
U861887cluster.es.cspoc.rte7.1.1.7 IV62028
U855263cluster.es.cspoc.rte7.1.1.6 IV42919 IV52469 IV52476 IV52488 IV52526
U855253cluster.es.cspoc.rte7.1.1.5 IV33942 IV35758 IV38266 IV38272 IV38278 IV38289
U855236cluster.es.cspoc.rte7.1.1.4 IV26336 IV29959 IV30016 IV30020 IV30021 IV30029 IV32033 IV32036 IV32428
U850168cluster.es.cspoc.rte7.1.1.3 IV16922 IV17221 IV23439 IV24720 IV24721
U850150cluster.es.cspoc.rte7.1.1.2 IV16572
U846686cluster.es.cspoc.rte7.1.1.1 IV12803 IV13986 IV14486 IV14492
U868427cluster.es.nfs.rte7.1.1.4 IV68633 IV68638
U855262cluster.es.nfs.rte7.1.1.3 IV52503 IV52529
U855244cluster.es.nfs.rte7.1.1.2 IV35508
U850165cluster.es.nfs.rte7.1.1.1 IV23372
U868426cluster.es.server.diag7.1.1.7 IV68617 IV68630
U861886cluster.es.server.diag7.1.1.6 IV42772 IV60078 IV61778 IV61780 IV61785 IV61787 IV61791 IV61803 IV61805 IV61808 IV61818 IV61827 IV62200
U855261cluster.es.server.diag7.1.1.5 IV40477 IV52467 IV52473 IV52485 IV52490 IV52498 IV52500
U855243cluster.es.server.diag7.1.1.4 IV27593 IV31964 IV35510
U855234cluster.es.server.diag7.1.1.3 IV16121 IV29957 IV29960 IV29966
U850163cluster.es.server.diag7.1.1.2 IV17352 IV23352 IV23361 IV23364 IV23368 IV23374 IV23378 IV24716
U846685cluster.es.server.diag7.1.1.1 IV04367 IV13146 IV13997 IV14003 IV15038
U864345cluster.es.server.events7.1.1.7 IV66097 IV68080 IV68602 IV68612 IV68621 IV68629 IV68632 IV68635 IV68641 IV68646 IV69838
U861885cluster.es.server.events7.1.1.6 IV36369 IV42772 IV53610 IV61774 IV61775 IV61777 IV61789 IV61796 IV61802 IV61804 IV61807 IV61816 IV61817 IV61819 IV61828 IV62014 IV63823
U855260cluster.es.server.events7.1.1.5 IV32393 IV38254 IV42919 IV44210 IV48104 IV52436 IV52444 IV52460 IV52468 IV52470 IV52471 IV52480 IV52483 IV52489 IV52492 IV52493 IV52494 IV52495 IV52504 IV52505 IV52512 IV52523 IV52526 IV52910
U855252cluster.es.server.events7.1.1.4 IV31998 IV34438 IV38266 IV38273 IV38277 IV38278 IV38281 IV38288 IV38291 IV38421 IV41925
U855233cluster.es.server.events7.1.1.3 IV23857 IV27142 IV29962 IV29969 IV29973 IV29977 IV30017 IV30019 IV30030 IV32029 IV32033 IV32035 IV32036 IV32038
U850161cluster.es.server.events7.1.1.2 IV16618 IV16769 IV17352 IV21226 IV21506 IV21821 IV23348 IV23350 IV23356 IV23362 IV23366 IV23381 IV23394 IV23395 IV23404 IV23414 IV23415
U846677cluster.es.server.events7.1.1.1 IV12081 IV12796 IV12800 IV12802 IV13148 IV14017 IV14019
U864344cluster.es.server.rte7.1.1.7 IV62535 IV66105 IV66992 IV68612 IV68620 IV68622 IV68628 IV68634 IV68636 IV68639 IV68644
U861884cluster.es.server.rte7.1.1.6 IV36369 IV42772 IV53220 IV54274 IV54824 IV56940 IV61773 IV61776 IV61797 IV61800 IV61801 IV61806 IV61812 IV61813
U855259cluster.es.server.rte7.1.1.5 IV30818 IV31406 IV31410 IV33166 IV36432 IV37585 IV40477 IV48104 IV48456 IV52464 IV52468 IV52478 IV52481 IV52483 IV52486 IV52487 IV52493 IV52510 IV52514 IV52518 IV52519 IV52520 IV52524
U855242cluster.es.server.rte7.1.1.4 IV18338 IV30074 IV30420 IV30642 IV31964 IV35509 IV38264 IV38270 IV38276 IV38278 IV38284 IV38286 IV38292
U855232cluster.es.server.rte7.1.1.3 IV29961 IV29967 IV29971 IV29972 IV29978 IV29986 IV30016 IV30029 IV30030 IV32026
U850159cluster.es.server.rte7.1.1.2 IV18343 IV23355 IV23359 IV23361 IV23362 IV23367 IV23373 IV23376 IV23384 IV23387 IV23392 IV23397 IV23406 IV23410 IV23439 IV24716 IV24717 IV24968
U846570cluster.es.server.rte7.1.1.1 IV12081 IV12083 IV12355 IV12796 IV13956 IV13958 IV14001 IV14011 IV14484 IV14485 IV14487 IV14489 IV14491 IV14953 IV14957 IV14959 IV15709
U864342cluster.es.server.testtool7.1.1.2 IV68627
U855251cluster.es.server.testtool7.1.1.1 IV38290
U864341cluster.es.server.utils7.1.1.7 IV65537 IV66097 IV68599 IV68607 IV68610 IV68611 IV68612 IV68616 IV68623 IV68624 IV68634 IV68642 IV68647 IV69654 IV69838
U861883cluster.es.server.utils7.1.1.6 IV42772 IV56940 IV61774 IV61783 IV61785 IV61793 IV61795 IV61799 IV61809 IV61815 IV61820 IV61823 IV61824 IV61826 IV61828 IV61829 IV61831 IV62014 IV63862
U855256cluster.es.server.utils7.1.1.5 IV22035 IV27143 IV30453 IV39743 IV39821 IV42919 IV44527 IV44617 IV44682 IV45195 IV48104 IV48456 IV52461 IV52462 IV52463 IV52465 IV52468 IV52472 IV52482 IV52483 IV52491 IV52493 IV52496 IV52508 IV52509 IV52516 IV52525 IV54138
U855250cluster.es.server.utils7.1.1.4 IV31964 IV34241 IV34343 IV38267 IV38268 IV38271 IV38279 IV38283 IV38294 IV38295
U855229cluster.es.server.utils7.1.1.3 IV25305 IV25765 IV25769 IV26874 IV27643 IV28104 IV29954 IV29955 IV29964 IV29970 IV29979 IV29985 IV29987 IV30026 IV30027 IV30030 IV32024 IV32026 IV32030 IV32033 IV32036
U850158cluster.es.server.utils7.1.1.2 IV16580 IV17441 IV23349 IV23350 IV23351 IV23353 IV23357 IV23361 IV23362 IV23363 IV23370 IV23371 IV23377 IV23379 IV23382 IV23385 IV23386 IV23394 IV23396 IV23401 IV23403 IV23407 IV24717 IV25274
U846688cluster.es.server.utils7.1.1.1 IV13145 IV13970 IV13973 IV13979 IV14005 IV14019 IV14493
U864336cluster.man.en_US.es.data7.1.1.3 IV62014
U861871cluster.man.en_US.es.data7.1.1.2 IV52470 IV52519
U855248cluster.man.en_US.es.data7.1.1.1 IV38270 IV38273
U868433cluster.msg.en_US.assist7.1.1.5 IV68601 IV68656
U864331cluster.msg.en_US.assist7.1.1.4 IV61814
U861870cluster.msg.en_US.assist7.1.1.3 IV39759
U850170cluster.msg.en_US.assist7.1.1.2 IV19192
U846678cluster.msg.en_US.assist7.1.1.1 IV12353 IV12354
U868432cluster.msg.en_US.es.server7.1.1.6 IV68616 IV68634
U864330cluster.msg.en_US.es.server7.1.1.5 IV61786 IV61803 IV61808 IV61829
U855267cluster.msg.en_US.es.server7.1.1.4 IV31410 IV52471 IV52520
U855247cluster.msg.en_US.es.server7.1.1.3 IV34438 IV38266
U850155cluster.msg.en_US.es.server7.1.1.2 IV23359 IV23439
U846680cluster.msg.en_US.es.server7.1.1.1 IV12796 IV13955 IV13956
U868430glvm.rpv.client7.1.1.5 IV68637 IV68645
U861890glvm.rpv.client7.1.1.4 IV61792 IV61794 IV61821 IV61830 IV61875
U855264glvm.rpv.client7.1.1.3 IV52466 IV52501 IV52502 IV52511 IV52513
U850173glvm.rpv.client7.1.1.2 IV30031
U850169glvm.rpv.client7.1.1.1 IV24716
U861882glvm.rpv.server7.1.1.2 IV61875
U855235glvm.rpv.server7.1.1.1 IV30031