PowerHA fix information

For PowerHA 6.1 Service Pack 14

This Service Pack includes the following PTFs with associated APARs for PowerHA 6.1.0 and is now available for download as of November, 2014.

New APARs included in this service pack
IV37981ha xiv verification fails if multiple cgs use same hdisks
IV56380verification 'out of memory' error with large nfs exports file
IV59132powerha clrmnode will coredump when removing more than 32 nets
IV60159cl_pvo fails to handle lack of quorum
IV60623typo in error message about 'online at different node' rg dep
IV60804clvaryonvg fails to activate missing/removed disks
IV60889srdf emc 'options' file incorrectly modified by powerha
IV61143rg error when adding application server dynamically
IV61424failed fork() of an application monitor will halt node.
IV61470ha start from inittab fails when portmap daemon is inactive
IV61689clstat fields are not properly updated
IV61726verification error about pv defined in incorrect rg
IV63314false stable-storage message during vg auto import
IV63316verification shows powermt not found message
IV65404dlpar release uses invalid ratio
IV65405cl_route_change fails with multipath route
IV65406spprc rg_move across sites does not run failbackpprc
IV65407ibm.hacmprgrmd core dumps with one app monitor to multiple app c
IV65408cl_verify_tc_config can fail if multiple nodes and rgs
IV65409verification error: parent directory is already in export list
IV65410clrginfo truncates long node name
IV65411filecollection using a dir may propagate files abnormally
IV65412cli_mkvg fails if a major number is specified
IV65413error in test tool with interface label longer than 16 chars
IV65414clstrmgr coredump if alternate logfile directory not mounted
IV65416clstrmgr may core dump when remote node joins
IV65417incorrect java call for java6 in srdf support
IV65418null notification method generates spurious clver warning
IV65461io with b_option flag type rpv overlap starve for syncvg writes
IV65462cl_pvo may not varyon all vgs
IV66601powerha archive of application monitor related log files.
Cumulative APARs from previous service packs included in this service pack
IV22230ha clpasswd does not set the admchg flag for reset passwords
IV29511verification error: parent directory is already in export list
IV40517vg varied on at both nodes after lv label changed
IV42719xd: rg_move fails if setup is only one single-interface xd_data
IV44807fs mount failure causes unrelated rg to go in error state
IV44925ha rg_move does not occur when unrelated app server goes down
IV45543chmp command crash system with more than 15 rpvclient disks
IV45943filesystem may not be unmounted by cl_deactivate_fs
IV46197cl_rmvg is not able to handle 0516-1972 varyonvg error
IV46287clcomdes/clcomd could dump core.
IV46852ha: file collection (using directory) propagates file abnormally
IV46975async glvm cache failure while lot of parallel ios
IV47008'parameter not set' in hacmp.out during wlm processing
IV47191ha: clver may error processing site specific service addresses
IV47408async glvm cache replication hangs
IV47797powerha: gmvgs (glvm) not listed for customize resource recovery
IV48706cspoc create new vg and rg shows 'putlvodm' error message
IV48805powerha: clstrmgres hangs in st_cbarrier when rcovdriver dies
IV49321stop of powerha 610 changes resource group unmanaged state.
IV51091powerha: cl_verify_svcpprc_config performance degradation
IV52382svc verification incorrectly fails from ping dos errors
IV52534cluster verification shows "warning" on clhosts.client
IV52657mndhb leads to incorrect node halt with special vg names
IV52830dlpar incorrectly tries to use cod cpu even when disabled
IV53285powerha: clver can core dump when ipv6 addresses configured
IV53589powerha: clcycle of clinfo.log fails
IV53593powerha: sc_disk_err10 when ecvg varied on in passive mode
IV53675powerha: clmodnetwork core dumps on network name length
IV53679ha: unexpected rg_move by errnotify with lvm_io_fail
IV53744timestamp out of sync issue still happens even iv41182 applied
IV54131powerha 6.1: "fail_standby" fails with "ifs: parameter not set"
IV54314powerha 'lazy update' not working for jfs2 with 'inline' log
IV54502actriveaddrnode mib var incorrect for dynamically added boot ips
IV54954clver does not detect when svc ip is defined as alias in aix odm
IV55236nfsd may not be restarted by cl_export_fs due to bad timing
IV55399express sync ios can starve in a async glvm configuration
IV55403lvm may mark asynchronous pv as missing due to io timeout
IV55516asyncrhonous cache recovery failure due to stale pvid table
IV55792clver does not detect netmask mismatch between aix and ha odm
IV55857change cluster.log to avoid refresh of syslogd
IV59035clver may core dump verifying db2 instance
IV60160cl_pvo fails to detect if ecm vg is online in non conc mode
IV60161cl_pvo fails to activate missing/removed disks
IV60867cmp_inet_addr matches null addresses to non-null addresses
IV60868clchgsite coredumps causing verify and sync to fail
IV60869lslpp -lor gives wrong return code
IV60870ha: clcycle may yield "invalid wide character" in ja_jp locale.
IV60871cspoc create filesystem shows misleading rc=1 in cspoc.log
IV60872ha: clsnap may collect wrong files when log dir is not default
IV60873ha clvaryonvg calls clean_up ; should be cleanup_vg
IV60874spprc cluster: misleading message catalog warning in hacmp.out
IV60875powerha: clchgsite command fails abnormally with libodm error
IV60876ha after halt/takeover, clstat shows serviceip up on halted node
IV60877rc.cluster does not use manual/auto argument from cmd line
IV60878ha cl_activate_fs calls mount with no filesystem specified
IV60879ha clstrmgr coredump during the final phase of rolling migration
IV60880cannot change "notify_method" to empty value
IV60881recovery action should be checked in suspended state
IV60882ha clrginfo -m shows online app on remote node as offline
IV60884ha svcpprc cgs are processed for rg move when not in the rg
IV60885process monitor will permit more processes than instance count
IV60886powerha/svc metro mirror: hacmp.out shows svc error: cmmvc5977e
IV60887cluster verification hangs in 1 cpu node
IV60888incorrect build information from "clmgr query version"
IV60890clstrmgr exits if hacmp.out greater than 2gb
IV60891ha: resource group with site specific service address may error.
IV60892ffdc_collection environment variable has no effect in clstart
IV60893syncvg parallel with async io can cause io timeout
IV60894change fallover policy from fudnp doesn't clean up all dnp info
IV60895clcycle uses hard coded path for cluster.log
IV60896io with b_option flag type rpv overlap starve for syncvg writes
IV60899cannot change "notify_method" to empty value
IV60900xiv clverify may fail for cg related errors
IV61069clrgmove -r fails with error message
IV61071glvm ras enhancements
IV62420v&s fails for multiple mg xiv configuration
IV23321clstat returns state down when clinfo gets timeout on select
IV36363xd release notes unclear about enhanced concurrent vg support
IV37393clver is unable to handle wildcards in filenames of a filecoll
IV37592nfsv4 application server failed by not active rpc.lockd
IV38049boot ip removed by swap_adapter event after wpar failure
IV38570smit cspoc extendvg fails by selecting twice disk with same pvid
IV38571cli_importvg errors when vg is not already imported
IV39049cannot acquire mulitple svcs
IV39378glvm timeout value set incorrectly to 1800
IV39379oracle sa ,not able to connect to database
IV39401dare switches appl state from 'online monitored' to 'offline'
IV39762rgs with dependencies may be placed on wrong node at ha startup
IV40654warning messages during smart assist for oracle
IV40689application i/o may hang during glvm asynchronous mirroring.
IV41182restarting cluster services can get timestamps out of sync
IV42159file collections may cause a slight performance degradation
IV42367db2 smart assist discovery fails when lang=c is not set
IV43280verification shows vg timestamp error/warning after 1st rg_move
IV43436clver may core dump processing dlpar configurations
IV43606dlpar "not found" error during rg acquire
IV43848other syslog logfiles may not rotate due to clcycle
IV44108dlpar syntax errors when hmc is unreachable
IV44397one monitor failure triggers all notify scripts on secondary nod
IV44528scdiskutil showed fscsi's dynamic tracking = 536887768
IV45742ha verify and sync causes suspended monitors to resume
IV45743syntax error in can't find what you are looking for smit panel
IV45744rc.cluster may fail on boot as cthags is not active
IV45745verification fails for mixed cgs and dgs
IV45746powerha 610 application monitor improvements.
IV45747rg startup fails for device groups with manual recovery action
IV45748non-functional changes
IV45749duplicate static routes after reboot of ha node
IV45750snapshot restore passing incorrect file name
IV45751create rg failed through sap smart assist
IV45752collocation with persistent label does not work properly.
IV45753clsnap uses /tmp even when -d destinationdirectory is set.
IV45754verification warns of service labels on xd network when none
IV47677cli_importvg errors when vg is not already imported
IV18674rg left offline at fallover after monitor and node failure
IV25330rg_move fails for long node lists in xd remote mirror clusters
IV26445dlpar may acquire from cod less vp than necessary
IV27420clrginfo -m flag not documented
IV28142ha svcpprc verify fails if local svc has two remote partners
IV31211c-spoc disk heartbeat test fails with "/dev//dev/hdiskx ..."
IV32409clrginfo -m truncates long application server names
IV32851clinfo api incorrectly returns an additional cluster with id 0
IV32853cspoc two-node disk heartbeat configuration failure
IV32876cl_queryvg runs too long with large number of disks
IV33072acquiring dlpar resources fails to create the correct online rgs
IV33779verification time restriction on change volumes svc feature
IV35719clpasswd leaves 'lastupdate = 0' in /etc/security/passwd
IV36073hitachi truecopy verification warning on running clstrmgr
IV36691powerha:clxd_verify_genxd fails when multiple xiv storage agents
IV36698clxd_xiv_verify fails when more than one vg in resource group
IV36807ha clstrmgr must enable tcp_nodelay for smux socket
IV36992clpasswdremote core dumps due to memory fault
IV37087ha xiv cluster verification shows duplicate pvid warning
IV37099cspoc cli_mkvg does not import on remote node the new vg
IV37287hitachi truecopy verification shows various errors
IV37302smitty cl_createvg incorrectly fails with no free disks found
IV37421error message could contain garbled application server
IV37424powerha: xiv role change not processed correctly
IV37426srdf device group support
IV37428resource group move between sites may not work as expected
IV37429correctly display owning resource group for filesystem
IV37430cluster test tool does not handle disk heart beat networks
IV37431no link local addresses detected on interface during clverify
IV37992powerha for xiv can't manage more than one mirror group
IV38379powerha: clstart slow in cluster that has mndhb w/ 8 nodes
IV39771composite group definition from smit panel fails
IV39772snap -e shows 5859394 kbytes needed for not enough space cases
IV39773clinfo.rc contains incorrect comment.
IV42826rg in error state for a multiple mirror group xiv setup
IV08568dare fails after resource change when a node is down
IV13418powerha discovery fails to discover tty devices
IV13682hacmptc odm structure change causes sync failure during upgrade
IV15812fuser may hang in cl_deactivate_fs.sh
IV19733powerha cspoc operations fail to restore disk lock
IV20138settling timer causes manually managed rgs to be online
IV21386powerha varyon of concurrent vg(s) in a concurrent rg(s) fails.
IV21776ha cannot move rg 27 and 28 to secondary node
IV23467dare fails with message "0403-053 expression is not complete"
IV24106acquiring cpus via dlpar may fail
IV24140two nodes may acquire a resource group simultaneously
IV24798file collections errors on aix 5.3
IV24843dlpar may activate via cod more virt. processors than necessary
IV24874the powerha 6.1 clcomd daemon may fail to connect.
IV24905not all child rgs are bounced after clstop unmanage
IV25003cli_mklv may fail with more than nine arguments.
IV25337clstrmgr may core dump after restart from unmanaged
IV25567unable to synchronize volume group via c-spoc if missing disks
IV25828no gui dialog box to type new password when using gui cspoc
IV26048cspoc cli_extendvg fails with mirror pool configured
IV26276scdiskutil incorrectly reports dynamic tracking status
IV26898svcpprc verification gives errors after upgrading svc to v6.4
IV27201powerha node start fails after forced down
IV27674ha cl_queryvg error causes fast disk takeover verify error
IV27918smitty cl_chfs fails to change log device
IV28696cspoc 'synchronize lvm mirrors' fails with 2 pvs missing/removed
IV28697the rpc.lockd daemon may not be active after an rg move
IV28963can't generate cl_event_summaries.txt file
IV29933ha clstrmgr coredump on all nodes after start cluster services
IV30462cspoc list fs displays sed errors, cannot handle fs corruption
IV30758cspoc filesystems menu not displaying fs of offline res.group
IV30873clstop unmanage / clstart causes filesystems umount for ecm vgs
IV30910clstart or clstop may take a long time in mndhb config.
IV31155auto cluster config monitoring smit error in japanese locale
IV31413concurrent vg varied on non-concurrently if disks missing
IV31974clchgsite core dumps when hacmpsiteinfo odm is empty
IV32382cluster services do not start automatically on boot
IV32793halevel -s may not return correct information about service pack
IV32794userid/passwd v&s does not check for incorrect hmc
IV32795"manage resource groups" option may be changed to "manually"
IV32796volume group timestamp mismatch
IV32797incorrect error message when modifying a resource group.
IV32798global mirror configuration fails if cluster is recreated
IV32799last free disk may not be shown in picklist for smit cl_createvg
IV32800this fix is included in APAR IV32799
IV32801attributessk_available needs to initialize local_addr
IV32802verify fails for ds8k global mirror in newer ksh93
IV32803discovery of storage system w/o agent definition can crash clxd
IV32804dare fails after changing a network to hb over alias
IV328057.1.2.0 ksh93 breaks ds8k(gm) verification
IV32806ds8k(gm) config error not caught in ksh93 (
IV32807incr err_count unconditionally, causes v&s for ds8k(gm) to fail
IV32808glvm replication waits for 30 mins before trying next avail.
IV32809corrective action associated with wpar cloning fails
IV32810rpc.lockd running in wpar causes rg error state
IV32811smit cannot remove multiple files from file collection
IV32821rpv client driver unconfig method
IV33388cluster manager dumps in some cases
IV33389no disks shown in mirror pool
IV33778svc cg in consistent_stopped state not starting
IV34524changing the service ip address in the dare is giving er
IV34882cspoc writing pvid on oracle asm disks causing data corruption
IZ97556dare fails after changing a network to hb over alias
IZ97765misleading c-spoc error when jfs log is specified
IV10180powerha may activate incorrect number of cuod cpus
IV10527in a wpar enabled rg, unable to start wpar manually after reboot
IV11617smit clstop values are changed after aix shutdown -fr
IV12535clvgdats may coredump/error for svg with many pps
IV13079clvaryonvg does not varyon the volume group if bad block in vgda
IV13159mndhb logical volume label with spaces causes error
IV13283cluster verification modifies ipv6 default route
IV13833nfsv4 application monitor fails if /tmp full
IV14251verification reports an error when nfs exporting a subdirectory
IV14504cspoc menus show error: cl_lspvsmit printif not found
IV15726vg fails to vary on passive-concurrent after being forced off
IV15892clrginfo -m returns app offline for rgs online at remote node
IV16009powerha may not detect mndhb related quorum loss correctly.
IV16926clstrmgr core due to incorrect handling of internal rg nodelist
IV16988emc srdf cluster verification shows duplicate pvid warning
IV17089powerha may change vg timestamp every time a rg is acquired
IV17261async glvm stops filling cache before i/o timeout occurs
IV18665ha smit generating the hdisk picklist for extendvg takes hours
IV19052ha start may not complete starting three or more nodes at a time
IV19919ha clvaryonvg hangs in call to imfs if lvs in inconsistent state
IV19987hitachi truecopy line missing in smit menu change/show rg
IV20129while running cl_syncvg, 0516-938 error occurs
IV20133after failover due to errnotify, rg stays in rg_temp_error_state
IV21230clrgmove -p results in continuous while loop
IV21389cod cpus not deallocated from lpar when releasing the resources
IV21392clstart fails with "invalid character in expression"
IV21393ibm.hacmprgrmd can't load with symbol resolution failure
IV21395wrong application monitor used at startup if two different types
IV21396c-spoc log and temp files not cleaned up
IV21401powerha "add a disk to the cluster" may generate 1800-018 error.
IV21402directories managed by powerha file collections not kept in sync
IV21403"can't find what you are looking for ?" prompt fails
IV21406clinfo socket exhaustion causes dms timeout
IV21407cl_mode3 should delete vg.fail on successful varyon of a vg
IV21408c-spoc extendvg does not pick up mirror pool name
IV21409clpasswdremote doesn't handle usernames with more than 8 chars
IV21410occasional cl_rsh/clcomd communciation errors.
IV21411error logged in hacmp.out when no error occured
IV21647clver error - the parent directory is already in export list
IV21726configuring diskhb net fails if diskhb label can be resolved
IV21833smart assist problem when user oracle has pending mail
IV23056dlpar cpu not acquired if another 2nd rg is already online
IV23243wrong sdd fileset in process_resources
IV23768ha non-disruptive upgrade causes clstrmgr coredump
IV24434cspoc 'synchronize lvm mirrors' failure
IV24727powerha ras -- backport of cycling of clappmond log files.
IV24728nested filesystems mounted in incorrect order at cluster start
IV24729mirror pool names longer than 15 characters not rejected
IV24731svc pprc verification incorrectly reports mismatched mirroring
IV24732cannot create more than one unnamed volume group with c-spoc
IZ96131incorrect tty status shown by cldisp
IZ98255sel failover after qourum loss may fail with quorum enabled
IV02006clver crashes due to memory corruption caused by buffer overflow
IV06931oracle smart assist succeeds even if listener is not discovered
IV08851customized resource monitor removal leaves odm entries
IV08988ha verification configures ipv6 ll address on all interfaces
IV09020glvm syncvg called in foreground causes long events
IV09021using c-spoc with asm devices can cause data loss
IV09187cspoc lv name change doesn't update /etc/filesystems on passive
IV09338mndhb setup menu in smit disappears after rejected fileset
IV09525cspoc swap ip address menu shows incorrect list of interfaces
IV09841emc srdf sync may delay event completion for long periods
IV10516cspoc swap ip address menu shows incorrect list of interfaces
IV10772wpar start failure does not put resource group in error state
IV10866event error caused by emc srdf replication
IV10896change/show fs cspoc fails to continue with bad vg
IV11083svcpprc hacmp.out may show error: cl_retry_ssh not found
IV11222remove clver check for svc ip in db2nodes.cfg
IV11594duplicate ip address after join_interface
IV11696automatic cluster verification removes ipv6 service ip
IV11943hitachi truecopy verify fails with 2 vgs in 2 device groups
IV12129libodm criteria incorrect msg if fcmodtime filename has spaces
IV12183wrong application monitor used at startup if two different types
IV12266hitachi truecopy "i: not found" error in hacmp.out
IV12362cspoc extendvg cannot add multiple disks in a single invocation
IV12458initial powerha sync configures ipv6 ll addrs on all intf of tar
IV12533partitioned cluster caused by socket blocking read in clstrmgr
IV15087ibm.hacmprgrm crash when application server in more than one rg
IV15732dare in wpar does not make wpar active,
IV15733verification performance improvement with 1000 disks vg
IV15734arithmetic syntax error in hmc_cmd
IV15735clxd_resync_mg output is lost
IV15736typo in release_vg_fs
IV15738volume group state not cleaned up by mirror pool create
IV15739nfsv4 application monitor output fills up /var directory
IV16978create of scalable vg does not include concurrent rgs.
IV19001duplicate files listed in hacmp_files file collection
IV19002usability for two-node disk heart beats
IV19122clverify fails with interface not configured on aix
IZ74154verification shows incorrect free disk space recommendation
IZ85775dare reconfig_resource_complete encounters cat error
IV00035configchk error failed to distribute hacmpnode odms
IV01799cl_verify_sr_config fail with error message
IV02092glvm rg error state if time until warning set too high
IV02117dlpar release error not logged in event summary
IV02212clcomd core dump
IV02804cl_route_change failed
IV02810invalid argument index in smit message
IV03293powerha migration completes with stale event scripts
IV03357cllsvg -s prints incorrect output
IV03412clstat -i incorrectly shows multiple clusters with id 0
IV03518lssrc -ls clstrmgres shows incorrect event queue information
IV03520concurrent rg state does not transition from acquiring to online
IV03934lazy update may not work on scalable or big vgs
IV06420changes for event scripts for old sdd versions
IV06531proc_units is lower estimated on shared mode lpar
IV06533fcp error logged in errpt for mndhb disks when using npiv
IV06534clrgmove does not put the rg on the highest priority node
IV06536powerha runs syncvg to the shared vgs twice during rg acquire
IV06537usability for two-node disk heart beats
IV06539cannot create snapshots: clsnapshotinfo fails
IV06540duplicate resource acquisition due to network failure
IV06541permissions of the /.rhosts file on a wpar resource group
IV06542routes added in rc.net associated with persistent ips not added
IV06543clver should error if nfs exported directory does not exist
IV06544mount guard support
IV06545cspoc fails to assign a scalable vg to a mirror pool
IV06546cspoc cli_extendvg man page update
IV06548provide c-spoc support for mklv/chlv -p, -u and -g operands
IV06549error messages when cluster is removed
IV06552unable to configure diskhb due to discovery problems
IV06553remove spurious output from cl_mkvg and cl_mklv
IV06822clstrmgr can core dump dare during server_down or server_restart
IV06884the discovered diskhb devices are not shown by smit
IV06993initial code drop for network tuning.
IV06994smit clstart shows a misleading message with a forced down node
IV06995powerha olpw nullpointerexception when names have "-" character.
IV06996xiv remote mirror support for 53haes_r610
IV06997enhancements to ha/dr framework code
IV06998f4 list of "vendor specific identification" show error.
IV07000change/show a mirror group throw error.
IV07001v&s fails with wrong error.
IV07002permissions wrong in "/usr/es/sbin/cluster/xd_generic/xd_xiv_rm
IV07003snapshot file did not capture full odm info
IV07005cl_auto_versync does not open correct clverify.log
IV07006verification of xiv mirror group fails silently
IV07341cl_chfs operation processes incorrect -a value in ja_jp locale
IV07416cspoc disk replacement fails
IV07484oracle smart assist always selects the last
IV07610cspoc cli_replacepv failure
IV07866many verification checks are missing during pha verifica
IV07867ha_fvt:no "user recommended actions" for manual recovery mg
IV07869some verification checks are missing during pha verifica
IV07870ha_fvt:async mg fail to come online on secondary site when
IV07881clshowres displays incorrect resource group policies
IV07965pha61 ptf7 installation fail for cluster.es.genxd.cmds f
IV07967ha_fvt:sync rg move to error state after xiv link re-stabli
IV08666node halted after clstop unmanage
IV08869"relative path name" of catalogue file passed to catopen
IV08870ver_topology_chk_ipaddr_map always prints fail for all adapters
IV08871ofan rg incorrectly handled at reintegration in cfg with sites
IV08872ofan rg with settling timer incorrectly set to temp error
IV08873nfsv4 monitor script execution time improvements
IV08874error while retrieving rg attributes
IV08876f4 fails in xiv "add a mirror group" smit panel
IV08877address review comments for xiv rm for 53haes_r610
IV08879clsnapshotinfo fails on /usr/sbin/dspmsg
IV08880verification fails but no specific error if mg defined i
IV08881recommended user actions for manual mg printed twice in
IV08882minor issues in verification
IV09938synchronizing lvm mirrors failed as it cannot determine
IV10133cllsnode failing with eai_noname from getaddinfo on cha
IV10396typo in clxd_run_xcli_cmd fails v&s
IV10397v&s failed for get_vgpvinfos.
IV10398no error if sync cg on xiv configured as async mg in hac
IV10794v&s failed for access cli user password file
IV10795global mirror rg failed to acquire.
IV10796no user recommeded actions for manual recovery global mg
IV10797gm rg in error state on siteb when pri storage is down.
IV10798gm re-sync didn't happen after primary storage power
IV10799gm resync didn't happen after tcpip global n/w down
IV11043genxd_join_cleanup not working for async mg.
IV11045update sc23-4863 with xiv information for 610 sp7
IV11049incorrect field offset in clxd_list_ss_smit
IV11577clexit.rc : unexpected termination of clstrmgres
IV11579syntax error in adding 2 node disk heartbeat nw
IV11581obsolete cspoc fastpaths for filesystems menus still available
IV11582cannot import a volume group via c-spoc
IV11586cluster.es.genxd.rte files un-installation error
IV11588xiv remote mirroring support readme file
IV11589no msg if a defined xiv mg doesn't include in a rg.
IZ77559spprc verification error about port pair ids with cg configured
IZ89475clstrmgr memory leaks during dynamic reconfiguration
IZ92203glvm sync performance fix
IZ96577async glvm aio_cache failure
IZ97945ha may loop when releasing virtual procs via dlpar
IV00098cl_ls_shared_vgs fails when alt_install rootvgs present
IV00269application monitor uses incorrect timeout at start_server
IV00449obsolete cspoc fastpaths for filesystems menus still available
IV00557synchronize (dare) fails with sites, rg dependencies configured
IV00773misc_data not passed to restart, cleanup or notify methods
IV01049powerha truecopy - verbose_logging missing from hacmp.out
IV01700desired proc units shouldn't be more than the desired cpus
IV02084clcomd core dump when it fail to exec service
IV02644clsnap must collect /etc/rc.nfs and rc.tcpip
IV02656resource group policy changes creates invalid configs
IV02657clinfoes is unresponsive after dare.
IV02658change/show service label is adding a new service l
IV02659node went to rp_failed state, after changing the servic
IV02660olpw export will provide incorrect xml when clver debug off
IV02661powerha godm calls fail when address resolves
IV02662cluster manager abnormal exit after stop with option unmanage
IV02663nfsv4 app monitor script takes too long during busy rootvg state
IV02664remove disk from mirror pool fails when more than one disk
IV02665conversion of "normal" format vg to "scalable" fails
IV02666robustness improvement for resource group moves
IV02667clver may incorrectly report an error that nfs server is down
IV02668cspoc does not check if fileset bos.clvm.enh is installed
IV02681verification error message for fileystem automount
IV02682cldare check on /tmp free space is not robust enough
IV02683non-root user cannot execute cltopinfo
IV02685misleading error message in clutils.log should be revised
IV02686invalid character contain lv name "*lv" fails with wrong
IV02687cl_verify_svcpprc_config.sh script is failing
IV02688ibm.hacmprgrmd deamon may core dump
IV02689cspoc remove fs fails on clusters with more than 2 nodes
IV02753clquerysa - dspmsg syntax error
IV02764change/show fs cspoc fails to continue with bad vg
IV02786clquerysa - dspmsg syntax error
IV02787powerha fails to start application in local wpar environment wh
IV02803fix level 0 returned by clstrmgr on src long status request
IZ76593rpc ports are opened from clstrmgr
IZ76770dlpar smit help message needs more descriptive explanation
IZ77854powerha nfsv4 crossmounts failing with vmount error
IZ81049ha processing will leave events on the queue
IZ84818spprc consistency group check incorrect with rg at sec site
IZ84992clver incorrectly reports lpar with id 1 as non dlpar capable
IZ85326incorrect fallover during ha start of node at site with id 1
IZ86150clstrmgr core dumps in st_init state on first query to res class
IZ86594powerha smitty may show invalid resource group policy fields.
IZ87047cl_createvg fails for oem multipathing software
IZ87056clstop prematurely calling clexit.rc leads to node halting
IZ873190403-004 test error message during verify and sync (cldare)
IZ87558ha dare may not work with hostname that contains boot
IZ88183bad perf of discover ha related info with large number of disks
IZ89689message "failed to distribute odm" incorrect
IZ89955the service ip label may be left on a failed interface
IZ90202ha fails to add or remove proc units via dlpar at power7 lpars
IZ91071oracle smart assist error when running discovery
IZ91242incorrect parsing of /etc/services by cluster verification
IZ91265clver may core dump during fast connect processing.
IZ91394db2 smart assist fails to stop db2 instance correctly
IZ92202ssa_disk_fencing odm entry is incorrectly populated
IZ92414default routes may disappear on current releases of aix
IZ92568ip harvesting code displays the wrong catalog message in ja_jp
IZ92741cluster verification not detecting invalid nfs export config
IZ92824incorrect nfs exportfs execution leads to resource group failure
IZ93270processing of exec failures in cluster manager is inadequate
IZ93524clrginfo -m returns app state offline for rgs online at remote n
IZ95003additional changes to avoid clver coredump if ip labels missing
IZ95053applying snapshot with hboveralias base address of 3-octet fails
IZ95884cluster stop may cause node halt
IZ96560some powerha files have no group
IZ96938add support for lv name changes in a concurrent env
IZ97236smit errors if nodename is a substring of 'when'
IZ97544cluster verification fails with hitach truecopy
IZ97906stopping sddsrv causes config_too_long
IZ98256failure importing olpw file with no cleanup and restart methods
IZ98957cspoc reducevg shows misleading error message
IZ98958mndhb failure action is incorrectly processed by cl_fence_vg
IZ99165clcomd unlink errors (errno=2) may appear in the console log
IZ99393cli_chvg man page does not document all flags supported
IZ99664powerha cluster verification may fail with cldare syntax error.
IZ90127ha may try to use fuser incorrectly when deactivating vg
IZ93613release_vg_fs syntax error prevents unmounting of filesystems
IZ95187cspoc filesystems smit menus show error about altinst_rootvg
IZ95686cspoc filesystems smit menus show basename usage error
IZ95767cspoc vg commands fail on aix 5.3 due to new mirror pool feature
IZ96159cspoc reducevg fails to remove a pv from a shared vg
IZ96223cspoc increase lv size fails with aix mirror pools configured
IZ96235accomodate aix 7.1 ksh93 changes
IZ96506svcpprc verification hangs
IZ96581cspoc.log has lqueryvg error message when creating a new fs
IZ96582cspoc change/show vg menu generates lqueryvg error in cspoc.log
IZ96873concurrent rgs cannot varyon vgs
IZ96875spurious error messages from get_disk_vg_fs
IZ96876c-spoc file system creation fails if volume group not on line
IZ97049c-spoc mirror pool support gets errors on aix 5.3
IZ97756mirror vg fails in pha6.1 sp5
IZ75631misleading verification warning about pprc consistency group
IZ77054ha/xd svcpprc may fail verify in large configurations
IZ77966failover/fallback of a powerha srdf related rg may fail.
IZ78237clinfo.log error message at cluster startup
IZ78306re-order deactivate fs operations
IZ78379clver incorrect warning if dlpar configured and can coredump
IZ78525db2 smart assist fails to create db2 rg if volume groups are ecm
IZ81619cl_mirrorvg does not handle '-s' flag correctly
IZ84484powerha proc_units not acquired if cuod enabled and cpu shared
IZ85475powerha spprc verification error on port pair id
IZ85716multibos installation of powerha 6.1 install image fails
IZ85929powerha svc pprc has missing text in an error message
IZ86277powerha spprc verification error on port pair id
IZ86647clissuepage does not provide object name for all events
IZ86797spprc verification error about hmc storage id
IZ87020bug in cl_verify_svcpprc_config $ missing while using variable
IZ87420clstrmgr memory leaks during dynamic reconfiguration
IZ88093clver coredump ver_topology_chk_etc_hosts() if ip labels missing
IZ88095powerha svc pprc has missing site name in error message
IZ88967db2 smart assist fails to parse /etc/passwd gecos value
IZ89219cspoc mirrorvg with sync mode equal background does not sync lvs
IZ90079adding a user with cspoc fails
IZ90080frequent pollpersistentevents messaages logged to clstrmgr.debu
IZ90081the clvt online/offline actions never complete.
IZ90082clstrmgr.debug file filled with connecttosnmp messages
IZ90083ibm.hacmprgrmd core dump
IZ90084ibm.hacmprgrm core dump with some diskhb
IZ90085cl_rc.cluster and rc.cluster documentation and man page.
IZ90086core dump of utility clgetinterfaces
IZ90087odm corruption when creating a cross-site enabled vg in cspoc
IZ90088vpath_path_open logged in errpt by hacmp/xd pprc with dscli
IZ90090clver may core dump when parsing /etc/hosts
IZ90091ha may not wait for parrallel reservation breaking
IZ90092hacmp/xd spprc incorrect error on copy services server check
IZ90093ha needs to enable environment variable for wlm
IZ90094clverify does not check mtu on all network types
IZ90095smart assist for oracle fails to start database if it is backup
IZ90096cluster test tool does not skip invalid network_down_local test
IZ90097process startup monitor does not honor the instance count
IZ90100unique vg pvid sharing duplicate vgname causes clstrmgr core
IZ90101xd spprc unable to acquire rg with no connection to sec site css
IZ90102hacmp/xd spprc shows incorrect error on copy services server ch
IZ90104cluster in unusable state after multiple pprc link failure
IZ90105error in return code while creating a volume group from
IZ90106clstrmgr start failed with syntax error
IZ90108adding file collection using clvt is behaving bit weird
IZ90109rgmove may fail if jfs2log device contains a label in the cuat
IZ90110java not found when olpw or validate the cluster from websmit
IZ90111application monitor exit in unmanaged state shouldn't impact rg
IZ90112checkin pdf for powerha 61 xd sp3 doc
IZ90113failure to update rg dependencies causes odm delete
IZ90114clas_n...nfsv4 resources from all rgs fails to remove
IZ90116unexpected clverify_daemon.log in the root directory.
IZ90117smit clstop does not preserve values set previously by the user
IZ90131powerha710 not supporting ipv6 service label
IZ90159c-spoc mirror pool support and other requirements
IZ92720cannot modify vg settings via smit
IZ67641odmget error on hacmpspprc and hacmpsdisksubsys during sync
IZ68170misleading information in release notes about upgrade to 6.1
IZ70312serial nets other than diskhb or diskhbmulti are declared down
IZ70313xd release notes have incorrect aix prereq level for srdf
IZ70717misleading error message about serial networks in cluster.log
IZ70882incorrect cluster verification warning on ipv6 loopback entry
IZ71805migration from hacmp 5.5 to 6.1 does not remove stale smit odms
IZ72147clstrmgr memory leaks during dynamic reconfiguration
IZ72396clinfo gets unresponsive when recovering smux connection
IZ72488failure to release cpu via dlpar may be unnoticed
IZ72766cspoc change/show smit menu fails for nested filesystems
IZ72927core dump on dlpar verification
IZ73091wrong processor_units calculation causes error in ver_chk_dlpar
IZ73537wsm_clsnap does not collect all clcomd log files
IZ74139cspoc chfs -m option is incorrect
IZ74478spprc verification warning about java version installed
IZ74662pprc verification falied when vg has disks from two lpars of sa
IZ74967incorrect lines in cspoc fs menus after migration to ha 6.1
IZ75122clinfo and clstrmgr consume high cpu
IZ76079powerha/xd pprc smit menu has cl_rsh error after f4 list
IZ76444cluster manager does not handle sigterm properly
IZ76445cspoc may cause disk reserves on busy system with vpath
IZ76446clver may misdiagnose an nfs mount point as being in a shared vg
IZ76447clinfo running with traps enabled may loop and consume cpu
IZ76448rg with multiple service ips cannot be brought online
IZ76449malformed standard error can cause clcomd to core dump
IZ76452smitty cl_syncvg not possible when remote cluster node is down
IZ76454behaviour of hacmp node on reboot command not predictable
IZ76456cspoc picklist does not show all shared vg
IZ76462filesystem mount point change leads to config_too_long
IZ76468error removing last boot adapter of node if svc ip exists
IZ76470smit cl_chjfs2 generates error with non-english locale
IZ76472cannot sync cluster with dlpar resources
IZ76473clcycle clinfo.log causes clinfoes daemon failure
IZ76476cltopinfo -i command has misleading header line
IZ76478hacmpsiteinfo odm class not updated with new site name
IZ76481hard coded timeout for appmon run before starting rg
IZ76516retrofit svc 5.1 support to earlier releases
IZ76517dspmsg error in cspoc menu add a filesystem on prev defined lv
IZ76518cluster verifcation error with leading zeroes in ip address
IZ76519syntax error when creating a cross-site enabled vg in cspoc
IZ76520incorrect process death detection by application monitoring
IZ76522require to change the hostname to service label to start the db
IZ76526crash in krstrt_handler when running debug kernel
IZ76529cuod may not allocate the correct number of cuod cpus to lpars
IZ76570incorrect hmc error message processing causes arithmetic errors
IZ76914cl_svc_info fails to generate the correct svc ip address to ping
IZ77191global mirror support for ds8k
IZ77192hitachi support in 61 service
IZ77959clrginfo -a fails with message: cluster ipc error
IZ77960global mirror phase3 checkin
IZ77961checkin for failover code for global mirror
IZ77962fix some problems found during fvt for global mirror
IZ77965config verification code changes for global mirror support
IZ79719remove of cluster config does not clear the clhosts file
IZ79721errors removing and verifying on ha61 sp3 spin b
IZ79723generic xd errors in 6.1 sp3
IZ80148cuod cpus deactivation fails with more than 1 rg configured
IZ80495wrong service ip being assigned to wpar
IZ81216clifconfig gives error on when bos.wpar is not installed
IZ81390clam_nfsv4 added with incorrect hung monitor signal
IZ83171lvm_sa_quorclos not set
IZ83172get_disk_vg_fs event failed on migrated node.
IZ83174hitachi failover problem 5.1.1
IZ83175verify passes when no vg is attached to a gm rg
IZ67729update xd release notes in regard of pprc in vio environments
IZ69484ha/xd glvm does not function with two nodes at a site
IZ69671cspoc change a user's password fails with some term settings
IZ69675clstrmgr coredumps on exit
IZ69945powerha/xd with glvm single adapter network rg move problems
IZ69964powerha/xd with glvm single adapter network problems
IZ70040cspoc failure creating a volume group over vpath disks
IZ70198conc rg aren't in error when postvg_online method fails
IZ70199selecting 'all' nodes with group offline fails
IZ70200corrective action loops while trying to correct hosts file
IZ70217failures during installation of cluster.es.client.wsm
IZ70218clstart all nodes exectued from more than one node causes halt
IZ70219ipc timeout errors cause event errors if 1000+ filesystems
IZ70220oracle smart assist unexpected error adding application
IZ70221server_restart and server_down events may be skipped
IZ70224umount fails with device busy due nfs lock in cfg with sites
IZ70225cllsvg -c fails to print all concurrent vg entries
IZ70226ihs and above errors on websmit httpd.wsm.conf
IZ70227duplicate log file rotation of clstrmgr.debug
IZ70228smit cspoc doesn't handle correctly the jfs2 'quota management'
IZ70229xd manuals do not reference the release notes for sw prereqs
IZ70230update hacmp readme with new iz01331 text
IZ70231no event error if varyoffvg fails during bring rg offline
IZ70232duplicate -r parameter to lscod hmc command causes failure
IZ70233conflicting -c parameters in lscod command causes failure
IZ70234incorrect comparison of available cod cpu value leads to failure
IZ70235arithmetic error in calculating the amount of free cod resources
IZ70236ibm.hacmprgrmd startup coredump if export_filesystem > 35 chars
IZ70237cl_swap_ip_address fails to restore ipignoreredirects setting
IZ70238clver corrective action to fix ipignoreredirects may fail
IZ70239verification fails even after ipignoreredirect corrective action
IZ70240cl_swap_ip_address fails with netmask & interface missing inputs
IZ70241incorrect hmc error message processing causes arithmetic errors
IZ70242adding more than one stable storage path to a rg should fail
IZ70243clver warning with cross site mirror and four nodes
IZ70244cspoc mirrorvg not running syncvg in background
IZ70245persistent ip may no longer be source ip after adapter swap
IZ70246wildcard file specifications not automatically propagated
IZ70247ha logs error for expected lvm behavior when deactivating vgs
IZ70248cuod on/off cpus license activation restricted to only 30 days
IZ70249cuod may not allocate the correct number of cuod cpus to lpars
IZ70250cluster communication errors when no node bound ip labels
IZ70251presence of standby adapter will cause inadvertent warning
IZ70252incorrect smit error message in initialization menu
IZ70253varyoffvg error in cl_deactivate_vgs if parallel filesystems
IZ70254syntax error in cl_deactivate_nfs
IZ70255clchipat: error modifying rc.nfs. after update to aix 6100-04
IZ70256mount point with ending slash causes cspoc failure
IZ70257cannot move app server with dlpar resources
IZ70820hacmp passwd utility: restoring the aix passwd binary may fail
IZ70881misleading cluster verification warning on ipv6 loopback
IZ71464clverify auto correct incorrectly forces ip6forward to be set
IZ73226uninstall of hacmp 55 fileset generates error message
IZ73692cl_showfs2 may return non shared filesystems
IZ75215parallel acquisition of resources for selective failover
IZ75269site_up_complete event is never run
IZ75270clverify incorrectly warns on etherchannel
IZ75272crash in krstrt_handler when running debug kernel
IZ75348rg is not falling back according to pol.
IZ75879event scripts use dcd instead of acd if notify or preevent exist
IZ60744reserved for future use
IZ62577cl_errnotify core dumps in getdpoadapters
IZ62579this is to address enhancement to clcomd timer by tom
IZ62622hacmp vgs using mndhb may not varyoff on rg_move
IZ62623lang=ja_jp clrgmove incorrectly processes parent-child rgs
IZ62624snapshot restore reports ok even with verification errors
IZ62625cspoc does not handle correctly the 'mount group' field
IZ62626adding an 'ip address offset for heartbeating' to an ip
IZ62627dlpar support should handle list of ip addresses
IZ62628cl_nfs4smctl have return code issues
IZ62629reserved for future use
IZ62630potential security issue.
IZ62635unexport of nfsv4 filesystem fails during rg move
IZ62636event script error when using wpar enbled resource group
IZ62642cannot move app server with dlpar resources
IZ62673support for svc 51
IZ62675provide randomized back off and retry of ssh operation for svc
IZ62676snapshots should be disabled during cluster migrations.
IZ62787clver debugging in automatic cluster verify generates huge log
IZ63775default route deleted by ha
IZ64117change to ecm targets incorrect
IZ64118make logical volume creation option more obvious
IZ65007clinfo api: cl_getsitemap shows incorrect node ids
IZ65010svc 5.1 - svcpprc cmd cllssvc -n svcname command fail
IZ65020reserved for future use
IZ65021"cldisp" utility is not working for diskheartbeat networ
IZ65023add communication interfaces using discovery lists wrong
IZ65171unable to unmirror a vg through cspoc.
IZ65172assign pvids to free disks
IZ65177hacmp passwd utility: restoring the aix passwd binary may fail
IZ66267clcomd core at ha61 sp1 spin c
IZ66389svc5.1 - iscsi disk lscfg output contains no serial #
IZ66390svc5.1 - hdisk# in volume vg has no svc vdisk defined
IZ66391svc5.1 - svc verify err from use of -h flag in svc cmds
IZ66392cl_verify_svcpprc_config problems in ha61 sp1 spin c
IZ66393svc5.1 - svc secondary ips not verified
IZ66588cl_verify_svcpprc_config error in ha61 sp1 spin d
IZ66636svc5.1 - verify hangs when master svc is unreachable
IZ66637svc5.1 - verify fails
Filesets with associated APARs
PTF#FilesetAssociated APARs
U860355cluster.adt.es.client.include6.1.0.3 IV60623
U828932cluster.adt.es.client.include6.1.0.2 IZ77191
U830515cluster.adt.es.client.include6.1.0.1 IZ65023
U846221cluster.doc.en_US.pprc.pdf6.1.0.2 IV11045
U830547cluster.doc.en_US.pprc.pdf6.1.0.1 IZ90112
U829016cluster.es.assist.common6.1.0.1 IV02753 IV02786
U857630cluster.es.assist.db26.1.0.5 IV42367
U829015cluster.es.assist.db26.1.0.4 IZ91394
U828940cluster.es.assist.db26.1.0.3 IZ96235
U830554cluster.es.assist.db26.1.0.2 IZ78525
U830545cluster.es.assist.db26.1.0.1 IZ76522
U857629cluster.es.assist.oracle6.1.0.7 IV39379
U846247cluster.es.assist.oracle6.1.0.6 IV21833
U846238cluster.es.assist.oracle6.1.0.5 IV06931
U846218cluster.es.assist.oracle6.1.0.4 IV07484
U829013cluster.es.assist.oracle6.1.0.3 IZ91071
U830553cluster.es.assist.oracle6.1.0.2 IZ90095
U830528cluster.es.assist.oracle6.1.0.1 IZ70220
U857628cluster.es.assist.sap6.1.0.1 IV45751
U857620cluster.es.cfs.rte6.1.0.5 IV42159
U846255cluster.es.cfs.rte6.1.0.4 IV08568
U846222cluster.es.cfs.rte6.1.0.3 IV00035
U829003cluster.es.cfs.rte6.1.0.2 IV02661
U828936cluster.es.cfs.rte6.1.0.1 IZ77191
U829036cluster.es.cgpprc.rte6.1.0.3 IZ77559
U829002cluster.es.cgpprc.rte6.1.0.2 IZ84818
U830546cluster.es.cgpprc.rte6.1.0.1 IZ75631
U860341cluster.es.client.clcomd6.1.0.12 IV59132
U860325cluster.es.client.clcomd6.1.0.11 IV46287 IV53675 IV60867
U860320cluster.es.client.clcomd6.1.0.10 IV42159
U855570cluster.es.client.clcomd6.1.0.9 IV08568 IV24874
U846248cluster.es.client.clcomd6.1.0.8 IV21726
U846239cluster.es.client.clcomd6.1.0.7 IV19001
U846210cluster.es.client.clcomd6.1.0.6 IV02212 IZ89475
U829029cluster.es.client.clcomd6.1.0.5 IV02084 IV02661 IZ95053 IZ99165
U830561cluster.es.client.clcomd6.1.0.4 IZ90108 IZ90159
U830532cluster.es.client.clcomd6.1.0.3 IZ76449 IZ76468 IZ77191 IZ77192
U830519cluster.es.client.clcomd6.1.0.2 IZ70250 IZ73226
U830505cluster.es.client.clcomd6.1.0.1 IZ62579 IZ62626 IZ66267
U846249cluster.es.client.lib6.1.0.5 IV13833 IZ96131
U846211cluster.es.client.lib6.1.0.4 IZ89475
U830562cluster.es.client.lib6.1.0.3 IZ90108
U830534cluster.es.client.lib6.1.0.2 IZ76468 IZ77191 IZ77960
U830508cluster.es.client.lib6.1.0.1 IZ62626 IZ65021
U860329cluster.es.client.rte6.1.0.11 IV60877
U860322cluster.es.client.rte6.1.0.10 IV23321 IV36363 IV42159 IV45744
U855577cluster.es.client.rte6.1.0.9 IV32851 IV39773
U855571cluster.es.client.rte6.1.0.8 IV08568 IV32382 IV32809
U830536cluster.es.client.rte6.1.0.7 IZ68170 IZ70313 IZ72396 IZ75122 IZ76447 IZ76473 IZ77191 IZ77960 IZ77962 IZ79719
U846213cluster.es.client.rte6.1.0.6 IV03412 IV11588
U829032cluster.es.client.rte6.1.0.5 IV02657 IV02661
U830563cluster.es.client.rte6.1.0.4 IZ78237
U830536cluster.es.client.rte6.1.0.3 IZ68170 IZ70313 IZ72396 IZ75122 IZ76447 IZ76473 IZ77191 IZ77960 IZ77962 IZ79719
U830522cluster.es.client.rte6.1.0.2 IZ67729 IZ70218 IZ70219 IZ70227 IZ70229
U830516cluster.es.client.rte6.1.0.1 IZ65007 IZ65020
U860321cluster.es.client.utils6.1.0.7 IV42159
U855574cluster.es.client.utils6.1.0.6 IV08568 IV30758
U846240cluster.es.client.utils6.1.0.5 IV11617
U846223cluster.es.client.utils6.1.0.4 IV11577
U829030cluster.es.client.utils6.1.0.3 IV02661 IZ87056 IZ95884
U828933cluster.es.client.utils6.1.0.2 IZ77191
U830520cluster.es.client.utils6.1.0.1 IZ69675
U860319cluster.es.client.wsm6.1.0.6 IV42159
U855569cluster.es.client.wsm6.1.0.5 IV08568
U829027cluster.es.client.wsm6.1.0.4 IV02661
U830560cluster.es.client.wsm6.1.0.3 IZ90110
U830544cluster.es.client.wsm6.1.0.2 IZ73537
U830530cluster.es.client.wsm6.1.0.1 IZ70217 IZ70226
U860342cluster.es.cspoc.cmds6.1.0.14 IV65412
U860330cluster.es.cspoc.cmds6.1.0.13 IV22230 IV46197 IV48706 IV53593 IV60871
U860323cluster.es.cspoc.cmds6.1.0.12 IV38570 IV38571 IV41182 IV42159 IV43280 IV47677
U855578cluster.es.cspoc.cmds6.1.0.11 IV31211 IV32853 IV37099 IV37426 IV37429
U855572cluster.es.cspoc.cmds6.1.0.10 IV08568 IV19733 IV25003 IV25828 IV26048 IV28696 IV30758 IV33389 IZ97765
U846242cluster.es.cspoc.cmds6.1.0.9 IV13159 IV14504 IV20129 IV21408 IV24434 IV24732
U846226cluster.es.cspoc.cmds6.1.0.8 IV09187 IV10896 IV12362 IV15738
U846214cluster.es.cspoc.cmds6.1.0.7 IV06537 IV06545 IV06548 IV06553 IV07341 IV07416 IV07610 IV09938 IV11582
U829035cluster.es.cspoc.cmds6.1.0.6 IV02661 IV02664 IV02665 IV02668 IV02686 IV02689 IV02764 IZ96938 IZ98957
U828996cluster.es.cspoc.cmds6.1.0.5 IZ95187 IZ96235 IZ96581 IZ96582 IZ96876 IZ97049 IZ97756
U828938cluster.es.cspoc.cmds6.1.0.4 IZ81619 IZ89219 IZ90079 IZ90085 IZ90087 IZ90105 IZ90159 IZ92720
U830537cluster.es.cspoc.cmds6.1.0.3 IZ74139 IZ76456 IZ76519 IZ77191
U830523cluster.es.cspoc.cmds6.1.0.2 IZ70228 IZ70244 IZ70256 IZ70820 IZ73692
U830514cluster.es.cspoc.cmds6.1.0.1 IZ64117 IZ65172 IZ65177
U860328cluster.es.cspoc.rte6.1.0.13 IV48706 IV53593
U857627cluster.es.cspoc.rte6.1.0.12 IV38571 IV41182
U855576cluster.es.cspoc.rte6.1.0.11 IV35719 IV36992 IV37302
U855561cluster.es.cspoc.rte6.1.0.10 IV19733 IV27918 IV30462 IV30758 IV32799 IV34882
U846241cluster.es.cspoc.rte6.1.0.9 IV18665 IV21409
U846225cluster.es.cspoc.rte6.1.0.8 IV09021 IV10896 IV15738
U828895cluster.es.cspoc.rte6.1.0.7 IV06537 IV07416 IV09938
U829012cluster.es.cspoc.rte6.1.0.6 IV02686 IV02764 IZ87047
U828994cluster.es.cspoc.rte6.1.0.5 IZ95686 IZ97049 IZ97756
U830552cluster.es.cspoc.rte6.1.0.4 IZ90105 IZ90159
U830535cluster.es.cspoc.rte6.1.0.3 IZ76445 IZ76452 IZ76456 IZ76517
U830521cluster.es.cspoc.rte6.1.0.2 IZ70228
U830509cluster.es.cspoc.rte6.1.0.1 IZ62625 IZ64117 IZ64118 IZ65172
U860345cluster.es.genxd.cmds6.1.0.7 IV37981
U860332cluster.es.genxd.cmds6.1.0.6 IV60900 IV62420
U857626cluster.es.genxd.cmds6.1.0.5 IV42159
U855582cluster.es.genxd.cmds6.1.0.4 IV36691 IV36698 IV37424 IV37992
U855560cluster.es.genxd.cmds6.1.0.3 IV08568 IV32794 IV32802 IV32805 IV32806 IV32807
U846230cluster.es.genxd.cmds6.1.0.2 IV15735
U828891cluster.es.genxd.cmds6.1.0.1 IV06996 IV06997 IV06998 IV07000 IV07001 IV07002 IV07006 IV07866 IV07869 IV07870 IV07881 IV07967 IV08876 IV08877 IV08880 IV08882 IV10396 IV10397 IV10398 IV10794 IV10795 IV10798 IV10799 IV11043 IV11049 IV11589
U855580cluster.es.genxd.rte6.1.0.4 IV25330 IV42826
U855559cluster.es.genxd.rte6.1.0.3 IV32803
U846229cluster.es.genxd.rte6.1.0.2 IV15735
U829044cluster.es.genxd.rte6.1.0.1 IV06996 IV06997 IV07002 IV07867 IV07870 IV07965 IV07967 IV08881 IV10796 IV10797 IV11043 IV11586
U857621cluster.es.nfs.rte6.1.0.6 IV37592
U846235cluster.es.nfs.rte6.1.0.5 IV15739
U846219cluster.es.nfs.rte6.1.0.4 IV08873
U829004cluster.es.nfs.rte6.1.0.3 IV02663
U830542cluster.es.nfs.rte6.1.0.2 IZ76448
U830531cluster.es.nfs.rte6.1.0.1 IZ70242
U857623cluster.es.pprc.cmds6.1.0.4 IV42159
U846257cluster.es.pprc.cmds6.1.0.3 IV08568
U829005cluster.es.pprc.cmds6.1.0.2 IV02661
U828931cluster.es.pprc.cmds6.1.0.1 IZ77191 IZ77192
U860347cluster.es.pprc.rte6.1.0.1 IV65406
U829041cluster.es.server.cfgast6.1.0.1 IZ89475
U860352cluster.es.server.diag6.1.0.13 IV56380 IV65409 IV65418
U860338cluster.es.server.diag6.1.0.12 IV29511 IV47191 IV52534 IV53285 IV54954 IV55792 IV59035 IV60887 IV60899
U857625cluster.es.server.diag6.1.0.11 IV37393 IV42159 IV43436
U855588cluster.es.server.diag6.1.0.10 IV37087 IV37431
U846259cluster.es.server.diag6.1.0.9 IV08568 IV13418 IV32795 IV32796
U846244cluster.es.server.diag6.1.0.8 IV13283 IV14251 IV16988 IV20133 IV21407 IV21647
U846233cluster.es.server.diag6.1.0.7 IV02006 IV08988 IV11222 IV11696 IV12458 IV15733 IV19122 IZ74154
U829043cluster.es.server.diag6.1.0.6 IV00035 IV03520 IV06536 IV06543 IV07881 IV08870 IZ89475
U829009cluster.es.server.diag6.1.0.5 IV02661 IV02667 IV02681 IV02685 IZ88183 IZ89689 IZ91242 IZ91265 IZ92741 IZ92824 IZ95003
U830550cluster.es.server.diag6.1.0.4 IZ78379 IZ87420 IZ88093 IZ88967 IZ90083 IZ90090 IZ90094 IZ90100 IZ90116 IZ90131
U830540cluster.es.server.diag6.1.0.3 IZ70882 IZ72147 IZ72927 IZ73091 IZ76446 IZ76518 IZ77191 IZ77961 IZ77965 IZ83171 IZ83174
U830526cluster.es.server.diag6.1.0.2 IZ70200 IZ70219 IZ70238 IZ70239 IZ70243 IZ70251 IZ70881 IZ71464 IZ75270
U830512cluster.es.server.diag6.1.0.1 IZ62577 IZ62630
U860353cluster.es.server.events6.1.0.14 IV60159 IV61143 IV65404 IV65405 IV65462
U860339cluster.es.server.events6.1.0.13 IV40517 IV44807 IV45943 IV47008 IV48706 IV52657 IV52830 IV53593 IV53679 IV53744 IV54131 IV55236 IV60160 IV60161 IV60869 IV60876 IV60878
U860316cluster.es.server.events6.1.0.12 IV38049 IV39049 IV40654 IV41182 IV42159 IV43606 IV44108 IV44528 IV45752
U857619cluster.es.server.events6.1.0.11 IV26445 IV33072 IV38379
U855566cluster.es.server.events6.1.0.10 IV08568 IV15812 IV21386 IV21776 IV24106 IV24843 IV26276 IV28697 IV29933 IV30758 IV30873 IV30910 IV31413 IV32800 IV32810
U846245cluster.es.server.events6.1.0.9 IV10180 IV15726 IV16009 IV17089 IV21389 IV21407 IV21411 IV23056 IV23243 IV24728 IZ98255
U846234cluster.es.server.events6.1.0.8 IV09020 IV10772 IV11594 IV15732 IV15736 IZ85775
U828903cluster.es.server.events6.1.0.7 IV02117 IV02804 IV03518 IV06420 IV06531 IV06533 IV06542 IV06544 IV06549 IV08869 IZ89475 IZ97945
U829022cluster.es.server.events6.1.0.6 IV00557 IV02659 IV02661 IV02666 IV02787 IZ77854 IZ84992 IZ87558 IZ89955 IZ90202 IZ92414 IZ97906 IZ98958
U828998cluster.es.server.events6.1.0.5 IZ90127 IZ93613 IZ96235 IZ96873 IZ96875
U830557cluster.es.server.events6.1.0.4 IZ78306 IZ84484 IZ90091 IZ90093 IZ90106 IZ90109
U830541cluster.es.server.events6.1.0.3 IZ72488 IZ76445 IZ76448 IZ76462 IZ76529 IZ76570 IZ77191 IZ77192 IZ80148 IZ80495 IZ81216 IZ83171 IZ83172
U830525cluster.es.server.events6.1.0.2 IZ70198 IZ70224 IZ70231 IZ70232 IZ70233 IZ70234 IZ70235 IZ70237 IZ70240 IZ70245 IZ70247 IZ70248 IZ70249 IZ70253 IZ70254 IZ70257 IZ75879
U830511cluster.es.server.events6.1.0.1 IZ60744 IZ62622 IZ62627 IZ62628 IZ62629 IZ62635 IZ62636 IZ62642 IZ63775
U860354cluster.es.server.rte6.1.0.14 IV61143 IV61424 IV61470 IV61689 IV65407 IV65410 IV65414 IV65416 IV66601
U860340cluster.es.server.rte6.1.0.13 IV42719 IV44925 IV48805 IV49321 IV54502 IV55857 IV60876 IV60879 IV60880 IV60882 IV60885 IV60890 IV60891
U860318cluster.es.server.rte6.1.0.12 IV23321 IV39401 IV39762 IV42159 IV44397 IV45742 IV45743 IV45746 IV45748 IV45749
U857617cluster.es.server.rte6.1.0.11 IV18674 IV27420 IV32409 IV36807
U855568cluster.es.server.rte6.1.0.10 IV08568 IV13682 IV20138 IV21776 IV24140 IV24905 IV25337 IV27918 IV29933 IV31155 IV32804 IV32811 IV33388
U846246cluster.es.server.rte6.1.0.9 IV13833 IV15892 IV16926 IV19052 IV21393 IV21395 IV21401 IV21402 IV21403 IV23768 IV24727 IV24729
U846237cluster.es.server.rte6.1.0.8 IV09338 IV12362 IV12533 IV15087 IV16978 IV19002
U828911cluster.es.server.rte6.1.0.7 IV03293 IV03518 IV03520 IV06534 IV06536 IV06537 IV06540 IV06542 IV06548 IV06822 IV07881 IV08666 IV08871 IV08872 IV08874 IV08877 IV11577 IV11579 IV11581 IV11582 IV11588 IZ89475
U829026cluster.es.server.rte6.1.0.6 IV00449 IV00773 IV02658 IV02661 IV02662 IV02688 IV02787 IV02803 IZ76593 IZ76770 IZ81049 IZ85326 IZ86150 IZ92202 IZ92824 IZ93270 IZ93524 IZ96560
U829000cluster.es.server.rte6.1.0.5 IZ95767 IZ96159 IZ96223 IZ97049
U830559cluster.es.server.rte6.1.0.4 IZ87420 IZ90080 IZ90082 IZ90084 IZ90097 IZ90100 IZ90104 IZ90108 IZ90111 IZ90117 IZ90159 IZ92720
U830543cluster.es.server.rte6.1.0.3 IZ70717 IZ71805 IZ72147 IZ72766 IZ74967 IZ76444 IZ76452 IZ76454 IZ76470 IZ76520 IZ77191 IZ77192 IZ77959 IZ77960 IZ79721 IZ79723
U830529cluster.es.server.rte6.1.0.2 IZ69671 IZ69675 IZ69945 IZ70040 IZ70219 IZ70221 IZ70228 IZ70230 IZ70236 IZ70252 IZ75215 IZ75269 IZ75348 IZ75879
U830513cluster.es.server.rte6.1.0.1 IZ62625 IZ62630 IZ62787 IZ64117 IZ65171
U860350cluster.es.server.testtool6.1.0.3 IV65413
U855586cluster.es.server.testtool6.1.0.2 IV37430
U830549cluster.es.server.testtool6.1.0.1 IZ90096
U860351cluster.es.server.utils6.1.0.14 IV60623 IV60804 IV61143 IV63314 IV65411 IV66601
U860336cluster.es.server.utils6.1.0.13 IV46852 IV47797 IV53589 IV54314 IV55857 IV60868 IV60869 IV60870 IV60872 IV60873 IV60875 IV60876 IV60888 IV60892 IV60894 IV60895 IV61069
U857633cluster.es.server.utils6.1.0.12 IV41182 IV42159 IV43848 IV45750 IV45753
U855587cluster.es.server.utils6.1.0.11 IV32876 IV37421 IV37428 IV39772
U855565cluster.es.server.utils6.1.0.10 IV08568 IV21776 IV23467 IV24798 IV25567 IV27201 IV27674 IV28963 IV29933 IV30758 IV31974 IV32793 IV32797 IV32798 IV34524 IZ97556
U846243cluster.es.server.utils6.1.0.9 IV12535 IV13079 IV19919 IV21230 IV21392 IV21396 IV21410 IV21726 IZ98255
U846232cluster.es.server.utils6.1.0.8 IV08851 IV09525 IV10516 IV12129 IV12183 IV15734 IV19001
U828901cluster.es.server.utils6.1.0.7 IV00035 IV03357 IV03518 IV03520 IV03934 IV06536 IV06539 IV06541 IV06552 IV06884 IV06994 IV06995 IV07003 IV07005 IV07881 IV08869 IV08879 IV10133 IZ89475
U829019cluster.es.server.utils6.1.0.6 IV00098 IV00269 IV01700 IV02644 IV02656 IV02660 IV02661 IV02682 IV02683 IV02685 IV02686 IV02787 IZ86594 IZ87319 IZ92824 IZ97236 IZ99664
U828997cluster.es.server.utils6.1.0.5 IZ96159 IZ96235 IZ97049
U830556cluster.es.server.utils6.1.0.4 IZ86647 IZ87420 IZ90081 IZ90086 IZ90100 IZ90108 IZ90113 IZ90114 IZ90117 IZ90159
U830539cluster.es.server.utils6.1.0.3 IZ67641 IZ70312 IZ72147 IZ76456 IZ76472 IZ76476 IZ76478 IZ76481 IZ76526 IZ76570 IZ77191 IZ77192 IZ77960 IZ77961 IZ77962 IZ77965 IZ79719 IZ79721 IZ81390 IZ83174 IZ83175
U830524cluster.es.server.utils6.1.0.2 IZ69964 IZ70199 IZ70219 IZ70225 IZ70241 IZ70242 IZ70245 IZ70246 IZ70255 IZ75269 IZ75272 IZ75879
U830510cluster.es.server.utils6.1.0.1 IZ62623 IZ62624 IZ62627 IZ62676 IZ62787 IZ64117 IZ65023
U857624cluster.es.spprc.cmds6.1.0.3 IV42159
U846258cluster.es.spprc.cmds6.1.0.2 IV08568
U829006cluster.es.spprc.cmds6.1.0.1 IV02661
U860335cluster.es.spprc.rte6.1.0.4 IV60874
U829007cluster.es.spprc.rte6.1.0.3 IZ84818
U830548cluster.es.spprc.rte6.1.0.2 IZ75631 IZ85475 IZ86277 IZ86797 IZ90088 IZ90092 IZ90101 IZ90102
U830538cluster.es.spprc.rte6.1.0.1 IZ74478 IZ74662 IZ76079
U860346cluster.es.sr.cmds6.1.0.3 IV60889
U855583cluster.es.sr.cmds6.1.0.2 IV37426 IV39771
U846215cluster.es.sr.cmds6.1.0.1 IV01799
U860348cluster.es.sr.rte6.1.0.7 IV60889 IV61726 IV63316 IV65417
U860334cluster.es.sr.rte6.1.0.6 IV60881
U860324cluster.es.sr.rte6.1.0.5 IV45745 IV45747
U855584cluster.es.sr.rte6.1.0.4 IV37426
U846231cluster.es.sr.rte6.1.0.3 IV09841 IV10866
U846216cluster.es.sr.rte6.1.0.2 IV01799
U828939cluster.es.sr.rte6.1.0.1 IZ77966
U828896cluster.es.svcpprc.cmds6.1.0.3 IV02810
U829017cluster.es.svcpprc.cmds6.1.0.2 IV02687
U830506cluster.es.svcpprc.cmds6.1.0.1 IZ62673 IZ65010 IZ66391
U860326cluster.es.svcpprc.rte6.1.0.12 IV51091 IV52382 IV60884 IV60886
U857631cluster.es.svcpprc.rte6.1.0.11 IV39049
U855575cluster.es.svcpprc.rte6.1.0.10 IV28142 IV33779
U855573cluster.es.svcpprc.rte6.1.0.9 IV26898 IV33778
U846251cluster.es.svcpprc.rte6.1.0.7 IV24731
U846224cluster.es.svcpprc.rte6.1.0.6 IV11083
U828898cluster.es.svcpprc.rte6.1.0.5 IV02810
U828995cluster.es.svcpprc.rte6.1.0.4 IZ96235 IZ96506
U830555cluster.es.svcpprc.rte6.1.0.3 IZ77054 IZ85929 IZ87020 IZ88095
U830533cluster.es.svcpprc.rte6.1.0.2 IZ76516 IZ76914
U830507cluster.es.svcpprc.rte6.1.0.1 IZ62673 IZ62675 IZ66389 IZ66390 IZ66391 IZ66392 IZ66393 IZ66588 IZ66636 IZ66637
U860343cluster.es.tc.rte6.1.0.6 IV65408
U855579cluster.es.tc.rte6.1.0.5 IV36073 IV37287
U846254cluster.es.tc.rte6.1.0.4 IV19987
U846228cluster.es.tc.rte6.1.0.3 IV11943 IV12266
U829008cluster.es.tc.rte6.1.0.2 IV01049 IZ97544
U828905cluster.es.worksheets6.1.0.3 IV06995
U829021cluster.es.worksheets6.1.0.2 IZ98256
U830558cluster.es.worksheets6.1.0.1 IZ90110
U855581cluster.man.en_US.es.data6.1.0.5 IV27420
U846212cluster.man.en_US.es.data6.1.0.4 IV06539 IV06546
U829033cluster.man.en_US.es.data6.1.0.3 IZ99393
U830564cluster.man.en_US.es.data6.1.0.2 IZ90085 IZ90159
U828937cluster.man.en_US.es.data6.1.0.1 IZ77959
U860356cluster.msg.en_US.es.server6.1.0.9 IV60623
U860331cluster.msg.en_US.es.server6.1.0.8 IV54954 IV55792
U846227cluster.msg.en_US.es.server6.1.0.7 IV12362
U828893cluster.msg.en_US.es.server6.1.0.6 IV06537 IV09938 IV11582
U829011cluster.msg.en_US.es.server6.1.0.5 IV02656 IV02665 IZ86594 IZ92568 IZ96938
U829001cluster.msg.en_US.es.server6.1.0.4 IZ97049
U830551cluster.msg.en_US.es.server6.1.0.3 IZ78379 IZ90131 IZ90159 IZ92720
U828934cluster.msg.en_US.es.server6.1.0.2 IZ77191 IZ77192
U830518cluster.msg.en_US.es.server6.1.0.1 IZ65171 IZ65172
U829040cluster.msg.en_US.genxd6.1.0.1 IV06996 IV06997
U860349cluster.msg.en_US.sr6.1.0.3 IV60889
U855585cluster.msg.en_US.sr6.1.0.2 IV37426
U846217cluster.msg.en_US.sr6.1.0.1 IV06993
U860327cluster.msg.en_US.svcpprc6.1.0.4 IV51091 IV52382
U846252cluster.msg.en_US.svcpprc6.1.0.3 IV24731
U828902cluster.msg.en_US.svcpprc6.1.0.2 IV02810
U830517cluster.msg.en_US.svcpprc6.1.0.1 IZ65010
U857618cluster.msg.en_US.tc6.1.0.1 IV36073
U860317cluster.xd.glvm6.1.0.8 IV39378 IV42159 IV45754
U855567cluster.xd.glvm6.1.0.7 IV08568 IV32801 IV32808
U846236cluster.xd.glvm6.1.0.6 IV09020
U828908cluster.xd.glvm6.1.0.5 IV02092
U829025cluster.xd.glvm6.1.0.4 IV02661
U828999cluster.xd.glvm6.1.0.3 IZ96235
U828935cluster.xd.glvm6.1.0.2 IZ77191
U830527cluster.xd.glvm6.1.0.1 IZ69484
U860344glvm.rpv.client6.1.0.6 IV65461
U860333glvm.rpv.client6.1.0.5 IV45543 IV46975 IV47408 IV55399 IV55403 IV55516 IV60893 IV60896 IV61071
U857622glvm.rpv.client6.1.0.4 IV40689
U846256glvm.rpv.client6.1.0.3 IV32821
U846253glvm.rpv.client6.1.0.2 IV17261
U846220glvm.rpv.client6.1.0.1 IZ92203 IZ96577
U860337glvm.rpv.server6.1.0.2 IV61071
U855562glvm.rpv.server6.1.0.1 IV32821