PowerHA fix information

For PowerHA 7.1.2 Service Pack 1

The PowerHA 7.1.2 Service Pack 1 can be downloaded using APAR IV31590. This Service Pack includes the following PTFs with associated APARs for PowerHA 7.1.2 and is now available for download as of November, 2012.

New APARs included in this service pack
IV27586powerha 7.1.2 support for enterprise edition and hyperswap
IV30114legacy vgs are reported as original by clmgr.
IV30117path recreation may fail sometimes
IV30327misleading c-spoc error when jfs log is specified
IV30328hot standby solution needs to be ipv6 aware
IV30329powerha discovery fails to discover tty devices
IV30330clmgr allows incompatible vg specification for resource groups
IV30331director is not notified of volume group creation/changes.
IV30332cannot create xiv mirror groups via director.
IV30333cannot manage svc with clmgr or director.
IV30334cllsclstr may core dump sometimes
IV30335cannot configure user defined resources when sites configured
IV30336cluster deletion from smit/clmgr does not update director.
IV30337mirror group type input disappears when hyperswap is disabled.
IV30338cannot specify hyperswap disks in director wizard.
IV30339corrupted resource group field from "clmgr query file_system"
IV30340refresh mg for repos mg fails
IV30341glvm replication waits for 30 mins before trying next avail.
IV30342cannot swap mirror groups from director.
IV30343format clxd_list_mg_director output to use common header
IV30344corrective action associated with wpar cloning fails
IV30345custom event auto-cleanup fails if multiple events are assigned
IV30346ha_int:oracle sa is not able to connect to database
IV30347v&s fails in refresh mg if new vg added to mg
IV30348cspoc 'synchronize lvm mirrors' fails with 2 pvs missing/removed
IV30349concurrent volume group left in passive mode
IV30350claddsite usage message when removing a site
IV30351core dump in frpintf when changing resource group attributes
IV30352node crash, when cluster topology is chnaged
IV30353may not be able to delete same_site dependency with clmgr.
IV30354manual discovery of ihs using xml file may fail
IV30355should not give warning, when hypswap recovery is manual
IV30434list mg core dump for 500 or more disks
IV30435volume group management occassionally fails
IV30482powerha: cli_mklv may fail with more than nine arguments.
IV30483clver (v&s) fails with libodm and no memory error
IV30507discovery not run on newly added nodes.
IV30509snap -e doesn't collect the clmkcaa.log file
IV30510clcomd cannot communicate sometimes
IV30511sys mg swap fails
IV30512japanese customers must use english in director.
IV30513can't generate cl_event_summaries.txt file
IV30514readme update
IV30515adding repos mg may not report config error for sites added
IV30516some component ids incorrect for systemmirror 712
IV30517director cannot be used to manage svc resources.
IV30518the director mirror group wizard can fail for xiv.
IV30747powerha 7.1 may set manage resource groups to manually.
IV30748few of verification checks wont work properly
IV30749use xuser for maxdb smart assist.
IV30751invalid split/merge options accepted
IV30752a ksh93 internal error can be displayed by clmgr query repos
IV30753the event descriptions are not displayed in japanese.
IV30754clmgr can create incompatible fallback conditions
IV30755v&s will fail to refresh mg
IV30855director lists an invalid storage system in a selection list
IV30856cannot use director to create svc mirror groups
IV30857clmgr cannot be used to manage svc
IV30858verify and sync fails when nodename differ from hostname
IV30860director mirror group wizard doesn't work with hyperswap
IV31191systemmirror does not support global ipv6 configured using ndp
IV31192cannot create a hyperswap mirror group from director
IV31193cspoc list fs displays sed errors, cannot handle fs corruption
IV31194clmgr accepts invalid tuning parameter value of 0 (zero)
IV31195no available space data is provided for non-local disks.
IV31196invalid verification error for raw disks
IV31197child rgs should not bounce on restart after clstop unmanaged
IV31198syncing via clmgr will not update adapters from new nodes.
IV31199director cannot manage clusters containing svc mirror groups.
IV31376correctly manage volume group state vis a vie fence height
Filesets with associated APARs
PTF#FilesetAssociated APARs
U855422cluster.es.assist.ihs7.1.2.1 IV30354
U855424cluster.es.assist.maxdb7.1.2.1 IV30328 IV30749
U855438cluster.es.assist.oraappsrv7.1.2.1 IV30858
U855421cluster.es.assist.oracle7.1.2.1 IV30346 IV30858
U855428cluster.es.client.lib7.1.2.1 IV30114 IV30330 IV30333 IV30336 IV30339 IV30342 IV30345 IV30353 IV30507 IV30517 IV30749 IV30752 IV30754 IV30857 IV31192 IV31194 IV31195 IV31199
U855430cluster.es.client.rte7.1.2.1 IV30344 IV30514
U855436cluster.es.client.utils7.1.2.1 IV30435
U855432cluster.es.cspoc.cmds7.1.2.1 IV30327 IV30340 IV30342 IV30348 IV30435 IV30482 IV30511 IV30858 IV31376
U855433cluster.es.cspoc.rte7.1.2.1 IV30435 IV30858 IV31193 IV31376
U855423cluster.es.genxd.cmds7.1.2.1 IV30117 IV30332 IV30333 IV30337 IV30338 IV30343 IV30347 IV30352 IV30434 IV30515 IV30517 IV30518 IV30855 IV30856 IV30858 IV30860 IV31192
U855435cluster.es.genxd.rte7.1.2.1 IV27586 IV30347 IV30755
U855425cluster.es.server.diag7.1.2.1 IV30329 IV30355 IV30483 IV30747 IV30748 IV31196
U855429cluster.es.server.events7.1.2.1 IV30330 IV30333 IV30349 IV30435 IV30510 IV30754 IV30857 IV31199 IV31376
U855427cluster.es.server.rte7.1.2.1 IV30335 IV30350 IV30751 IV31191 IV31197 IV31376
U855426cluster.es.server.utils7.1.2.1 IV30117 IV30331 IV30334 IV30351 IV30435 IV30507 IV30509 IV30512 IV30513 IV30753 IV31198 IV31376
U855434cluster.man.en_US.es.data7.1.2.1 IV30330 IV30333 IV30342 IV30754 IV30857
U855437cluster.msg.en_US.assist7.1.2.1 IV30749
U855431cluster.xd.glvm7.1.2.1 IV30341