PowerHA fix information

For PowerHA 7.1 Service Pack 1

The PowerHA 7.1.0 Service Pack 1 can be downloaded using APAR IZ84376. This Service Pack includes the following PTFs with associated APARs for PowerHA 7.1.0 and is now available for download as of September, 2010.

New APARs included in this service pack
IZ83245remove cluster definition from all nodes set to false i
IZ83256cluster disk replacement is not listing the disks
IZ83257rg moves to error state with nfsv2v3v4 exportfs
IZ83260cannot view start/stop after dependencies in director
IZ83261node priority policy cannot be set to least or most with clmgr
IZ83266maxdb,domino,dhcp can not be configured from director
IZ83268removal of rsct-eventmanagemtn code cause regression-existing d
IZ83280hacmpresourcetype odm is hardcoded for 1 wrong entry.
IZ83281deleting and adding the same node in a 2 node cluster c
IZ83282no smart assist listed in rgw
IZ83283rgw miss the option choice on step4
IZ83284unlock the caa function in aix
IZ83397customer won't be able to use sa for ihs
IZ83398clchappmon updating the same monitor multiple times
IZ83410sap ers instance addition failed with the following
IZ83411unable to create instlist rp2 information in packages/cluster/e
IZ83412repository disk does'nt show with f4
IZ83413not able to change custom verification method name.
IZ83460ship updated html for 710
IZ83483changing the service ip address in the dare is giving er
IZ83747don't know how to make ibmdita.css. stop
IZ83751clverify fails with unlock problem.
IZ83761autoverification is not triggered when starting clu
IZ83765change/show service label is adding a new service l
IZ83789updates to clsnap for 71
IZ83790sap scs and ers instances are running on same node.
IZ83791remove cluster from all nodes does not remove caa cluster
IZ83793resource groups cannot be brought on/off line on specific nodes
IZ83796readme updates for 710 sp1
IZ84083syntax error missing " in cluster.es.client.lib.post_u.sh
Filesets with associated APARs
PTF#FilesetAssociated APARs
U836773cluster.doc.en_US.assist.db2.html7.1.0.1 IZ83460
U837262cluster.doc.en_US.assist.oracle.html7.1.0.1 IZ83460
U837260cluster.doc.en_US.assist.websphere.html7.1.0.1 IZ83460
U837259cluster.doc.en_US.es.html7.1.0.1 IZ83460 IZ83747
U837258cluster.doc.en_US.glvm.html7.1.0.1 IZ83460
U837257cluster.es.assist.common7.1.0.1 IZ83266 IZ83282
U837255cluster.es.assist.db27.1.0.1 IZ83266
U837253cluster.es.assist.domino7.1.0.1 IZ83266
U837250cluster.es.assist.ihs7.1.0.1 IZ83283 IZ83397
U836775cluster.es.assist.sap7.1.0.1 IZ83410 IZ83790
U836774cluster.es.cfs.rte7.1.0.1 IZ83284
U836772cluster.es.client.clcomd7.1.0.1 IZ83256 IZ83411
U836771cluster.es.client.lib7.1.0.1 IZ83245 IZ83257 IZ83260 IZ83261 IZ83791 IZ84083
U837261cluster.es.client.rte7.1.0.1 IZ83284
U837256cluster.es.server.diag7.1.0.1 IZ83413 IZ83761
U837254cluster.es.server.events7.1.0.1 IZ83284 IZ83793
U837252cluster.es.server.rte7.1.0.1 IZ83268 IZ83280 IZ83284 IZ83412 IZ83413 IZ83765 IZ83796 IZ84083
U837251cluster.es.server.utils7.1.0.1 IZ83266 IZ83281 IZ83284 IZ83398 IZ83411 IZ83413 IZ83483 IZ83751 IZ83789