Hardware Management Console Readme

For use with Version 7 Release 7.7.0 SP2


The information in this Readme contains fix list and other package information about the Hardware Management Console.

PTF MH01373

This package includes a fix for HMC Version 7 Release 7.7.0 Service Pack 2. You can reference this package by APAR# MB03714. This fix must be installed on top of HMC Version 7 Release 7.7.0 Service Pack 2 with or without PTF MH01367 installed. PTF MH01373 supersedes PTF MH01367.

Package information
Package nameSizeChecksum (sha1sum)APAR#PTF#
MH01373.iso 765956096 97dda125be8f08b51906d7103619bb0498eaf015 MB03714 MH01373
Splash Panel information (or lshmc -V output)
Version: 7
Release: 7.7.0
Service Pack: 2
HMC Build level 20130730.1
MH01373: Fix for HMC V7R7.7.0 SP2 (08-06-2013)

List of fixes

This package includes the following fixes:

Fixed an issue where creating a new virtual ethernet adapter and then clicking view virtual network button results in the error ACT01503 "Task Error - An internal error has occurred".

Fixed an issue where attempting to activate a new profile that contains a virtual ethernet adapter may fail with HSCL058A and HSCL3642 "Virtual switch {0} was not found".


Installation instructions for HMC Version 7 upgrades, updates and corrective service can be found at these locations:

Instructions and images for upgrading via a remote network install can be found here (for all HMC releases):

Additional information


  1. The Install Corrective Service task now allows you to install corrective service updates from the ISO image files of these updates. You can download these ISO image files for the HMC, and then use the ISO image file to install the corrective service update. You no longer need to burn CD-R or DVD-R media to use the ISO image file to install corrective service.
  2. This image requires DVD-R media.
  3. To install updates over the network, select the *.iso file on the "Select Service Package" panel of the Install Corrective Service task. The HMC application extracts the files needed to install the corrective service. If you are using USB flash media, copy the *.iso file to the flash media, and then select the file when prompted.
  4. The updhmc command line command has also been modified to use the *.iso file. To use the command, follow the syntax in this example:
    updhmc -t s -h -f -u -i

In all cases, the HMC application extracts the files needed to install the corrective service.