Hardware Management Console Readme

For use with Version 7 Release 7.7.0 SP2


The information in this Readme contains fix list and other package information about the Hardware Management Console.

PTF MH01367

This package includes a fix for HMC Version 7 Release 7.7.0 Service Pack 2. You can reference this package by APAR MB03705. This fix must be installed on top of HMC Version 7 Release 7.7.0 Service Pack 2.

Package information
Package nameSizeChecksum (sha1sum)APAR#PTF#
MH01367.iso 765960192 7d50933670cbc1d3765afaf8a7b6185f237cd7d5 MB03705 MH01367
Splash Panel information (or lshmc -V output)
After installing the Recovery package
Version: 7
Release: 7.7.0
Service Pack: 2
HMC Build level 20130529.1
MH01367: Fix for HMC V7R7.7.0 SP2 (05-30-2013)

List of fixes

This package includes the following fixes:


Installation instructions for HMC Version 7 upgrades, updates and corrective service can be found at these locations:

Instructions and images for upgrading via a remote network install can be found here (for all HMC releases):

Additional information


  1. To burn the ISO image to media, you must use DVD-R media
  2. The HMC Install Corrective Service task has been modified to allow corrective service installation by using the .iso packaging of the corrective service files that you can download from IBM. There is no requirement to burn CD-R or DVD-R media to use these files to install the corrective service.

  3. The updhmc command line command has also been modified to use the .iso file for installing corrective service updates. To use the command, follow the syntax in this example:
    updhmc -t s -h <myservername> -f </home/updates/corrrective_service.iso> -u <HMC_username> -i

In all cases, the HMC application extracts the files needed to install the corrective service.